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I can't find my listing on AirBNB when I go looking on the website as a random customer trying to find guest apartments in Reykjavik?

I can’t find my listing on AirBNB when I go looking on the website as a random customer trying to find guest apartments in Reykjavik!
Any feedback would be appreciated.

you must give us your airbnb number or address so we can look. sometimes air focus on tourist area and we don’t show up if you ask general but with dates you will.

When ever someone ask for Miami, mostly Miami beach shows up and only when they put the dates do I show up.

This is this link to my airbnb: enter link description here
But it doesn’t appear in the search results. Also I can’t activate the Instant booking feature at my airbnb account’s dashboard!

Just curious, as I see you are a new host and it appears no guests yet, but do you realize you have unusual check in and out times? Your check in is 6 am and check out is 3 am.
Am I missing something? Might other potential guests wonder and be hesitant to book?

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At my AirBnb drop-down menu my check in is After 6 am and check out is before 3 pm. But on my host page it is wrongly showing A.M.

I think you need to re-think that. If they check in 6 am or after and they check out at or before 3 pm (same day?), then they have not even stayed one night with you, they have stayed 9 hours during the daytime.

If you have a difference between what your host console shows and what displays to the public, then best to call Airbnb support for help with that.

Your listing shows up in the results on page 4 of 5 when searching specifically for Grafarvogur.

Maybe accepting Instant Book for guests with prior positive reviews would be helpful for you until you get a few reviews. There are just a ton of listings in your area.

Also, consider dumping the filtered photos. More photos of the beautiful greens and blues outside would possibly help, even if it is photos of nearby attractions.

What’s the deal with this parallel listing? Same photos, but different filters…

Alright! Thanks.

What’s the story on the duplicate listing?

Apartments in the same building, and they are one next to each other. We’ve decorated them the same with very small differences.

The link you provided me sends me to a listing that was desacitvated.

So if a guest checks in at 7am they have to share the room for most of the day with the previous guest who doesn’t have to check out until 3pm?? When do you clean the room and change the sheets and towels? Perhaps this needs a re-think… MY check out time is 11am, check in time 2pm… giving me three hours to clean the room and get it ready for the next guest.

Yes, the first link doesn’t work. Same with Monica. Looked at your second link and as felixcat suggested, dump the filtered photos. No way I would stay there. I get the impression you are trying to hide something. Or trying to be super trendy. I don’t want super trendy. I want to know exactly what the accomodation looks like. Also, I would add more to your description. Very clinical. I want to know what I can do in your neighbourbood and why your place is special.

Dont want to get too personal, but perhaps you are being too personal with your host description? You seem to be limiting the range of people who may wish to stay with you. I am probably way off the mark, but just giving you a little feedback as it I was a potential client.

Getting those first few clients is hard when you are down the list. Perhaps consider a price sacrifice to get the ball rolling and to pick up a few reviews which will inevitably lead to higher rankings. We did the same - even offering single nights, lower price and instant booking. Things we are not overly keen on, but the reality is we need to get established.

Don’t forget about word of mouth. Long term, happy clients tell other people about your place. Encourage them to do so. Give them business cards or similar with your AirBnB direct link.

Iceland by the way is on my bucket list!

At least around here, being a psychic is associated with stealing from clients. That may be more than enough to scare people away.

My listing showed up with the other listings, but it disappeared from the map that shows rentals in various areas of town. I’m fed up, so I put my listing on hold. Will probably remove it altogether. What’s so difficult about handling listings appropriately?

I can’t find my listing either. Four years ago I had guests. Now no one.

Check your stats to see if you are getting views.

Are you sure you are not in a place (Santa Monica, SF and NY) that Air has deemed illegal? We hear they are removing listings without notification.

“We read Kafka, Dostoevsky and Baudelaire.”

Love this literary touch in your profile, as I was a literature and English major in college myself. :slight_smile: I don’t mind the psychic medium… it’s cool. :slight_smile:

But I do have to agree with the other hosts here… the negative-filtered photos are “off” and strike me as a bit “Kafka-esue!” Perhaps a bit scary! Show 'em to us in LIVING COLOR! :smile:

Girl, lose the filters! X

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