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I can't believe the host canceled my reservation unilaterally

I got my accommodation in Aarhus on June to July.

However, the host, whose name is Steen, canceled my reservation.

He sent the message that I’d like to cancel, so I sent back that what’s the matter.

Than he ignored my message and canceled it.

I can’t believe this kind of man can registered as a host.

I hope nobody will ever book his accommodation.

Tell us more.

How did you book? Via Instant Book?

Maybe his mother in law died.


Hehe :slight_smile:

Seriously though there are lots of reasons the host might have been forced to cancel. A broken window, a plumbing problem, a fire…

And these are things that can happen to any accommodation you book. The hosts want the money after all, so only cancel if they have to.

Still… if a host needs to cancel, it would be courteous to explain why the guest was being cancelled…

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Because there is someone who pays much more than you…We are just humans. Hotels do the same. It is called" OVERBOOKING".

Doesn’t Airbnb penalize hosts who cancel reservations unilaterally?

This is not a good behavior of a host. I really think he should have told you why he cancelled, and that he was sorry. Airbnb does by the way penalize the hosts who are cancelling several times.

Yes thats right - hosts get one FREE cancellation every 6(?) months then get charged after that

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