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I can help you to advertise your services on Vkontakte (the largest social network in CIS countries)

I’ll post advertising of your apartments in 3 communities on VKontakte (the largest social network in CIS countries) for only 15 euro. The total amount of members in these communities is more then 3 millions people. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need other variants of advertising
email: dziadul_v@yahoo.com
Skype: smm.master.vk
The plan of our cooperation consists of the following tips:

  1. We agree on the budget for advertising
  2. I offer you the variants of the communities to post the advertisement in
  3. You give me the text of your advertisement, I translate it into Russian
  4. You pay for the advertisement
  5. I transfer the money to the communities’ owners and they post the advertisement. This advertisement is on the top of the page for 1 hour and 23 hours left on the wall of the community.

Well, how kind of you…

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This might seem to be off topic, but it isn’t really if you can bear with me.

Many years ago I ran a car lot. We had a Haitian salesman who went on Haitian radio selling cars. He was incredibly successful. Of course, we had no idea what he was saying in Creole in his broadcasts. He made a ton of commission in a couple of months then moved on.

Then we had hundreds of Haitian clients coming into the car lot with problems they’d encountered with their cars - little things like windscreen wipers not working or the radio going funky. All our warranty covered was engine and transmission.

But because the salesman had made his radio broadcasts in Creole, we had no idea that part of his pitch was ‘if ever there’s anything wrong with your car - no matter how minor - just bring it back and we’ll fix it at no charge’. So it’s hardly surprising he cleaned up. (And moved on).

So do I want someone advertising our apartment in another language that I don’t understand? No thanks!

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