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I am so over hosting. Star ratings can bite me


There is no way to distinguish between those who make a new listing who were fairly reviewed and those who were unfairly reviewed. This is why we humans like to believe in karma or divine retribution, so we can mentally deal with the anger that comes with scammers.


I did. He didn’t understand why I was upset because what he wrote in the review was really nice, and he gave me 5 stars in all the categories. But I explained that it wasn’t just the rating (explained how overall vs categories worked in our score) but the fact that he didn’t give me an opportunity to fix the problem for him OR for the guest who checked out after him, so I probably will get a bad review from that guest. (I won’t, because it’s my mom… but I sure would have if it was a regular guest!)

I don’t turn the shower on every time I clean. I use the bathtub faucet, which was working fine. The only thing I can think is that the shower head is clogged, possibly with debris from the water main repair the city did just before this guest arrived. I do use all of the faucets while I clean, and they all worked fine. I just didn’t flip the switch to send water to the shower. Wouldn’t have ever crossed my mind to do so.

I have something very similar in my welcome binder as well, as well as something in my house rules asking guests to notify hosts immediately about any problems at the house. :frowning:

I will. I created a profile for my mom and paid for one night for her so that she can write a review. I wonder how Air looks upon family reviews though? Maybe I shouldn’t be typing that in a public forum… :thinking:

He said the water pressure in the shower was really bad, some days only a trickle. Which is crazy, because anyone with a lick of sense would see that the water pressure is fine everywhere else in the house, including the bathtub this shower is part of, and realized that maybe there’s a problem with the pipe or shower head. And this house is on city water (not a well), so it has really good water pressure.


I really don’t know why guests do this … if it was a case of not being that bothered, they’d surely not even mention it in the review! Earlier this Summer we had guests who told us the aircon didn’t seem to be working. We checked. They were right. We managed to get hold of an engineer who could actually visit that day (a miracle during Fiesta time in Spain!). He fixed it in 20 minutes, we paid 60 euros, the guests came back to a cool room and everyone was happy. Sorted!

Then we received the review from the previous guests, who said great things about the listing and us, and gave us 4 stars overall because “the air conditioner did not seem to be working.”

And yes, I should have had the aircon serviced at the beginning of the season, but, in my defence, I forgot!


I just put this on another thread:
I had one experience recently - I left my great review a day after he checked out. This triggered the guest to review me - and the guest responded with a ONE star review - complaining about many things - things that he never mentioned when he checked in or during his stay - he never contacted me - just slammed me in the review. If he had contacted me at check in or during his stay, I would have resolved all of his issues. Instead, I got an unwelcome surprise from his review.
(I am a superhost with a 4.9* average)


LOL! Just texted my current guest and asked them to be sure and let me know if the had any questions or issues with the house.

Maybe taking a break rather than quitting would help. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be closing next month. Unless I get more bookings I only have one more then I will shut down for the winter re-opening in the end of March. Woot!


That is SO not cool. Why do people think this is okay?


UPDATE - so I just went to the house, unscrewed the shower head, shook it out, and out fell this tiny piece of debris (probably from the water main repair like I suspected). Screwed it back on… FIXED. That took me literally 3 minutes, and this guy could have had a shower for the 2+ weeks he was staying there. So annoying.


Their own fault for not saying anything. Just forget about it and move on. Some people are ridiculous.


Oh, ouch that makes me cringe


In Ireland, people are like that. It is a cultural thing to not complain. If you have a complaint, even a boss will tell the supervisor, who will pass it on to the employee. You don’t complain directly. People will be complaining to their dinner companion that their steak is cold, then when the server comes by and asks if everything is OK, they will smile and say yes! It is a well-known joke because it is so common.


I know that some people just really dislike confrontation and would avoid complaining to a host. But when I checked in with them a few days after they arrived to see how their stay was going, they mentioned that the bed wasn’t very comfortable and hurt their backs. So obviously, complaining wasn’t an issue for him… so weird.


That is absolutely dumbfounding. It is maybe the stupidest guest thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, they had to rent another accommodation to shower but slept at your place?! For TWO freakin’ weeks?

That is so nuts I would call Airbnb. It is unlikely they can do anything, but how is that not the dumbest guest story anyone has ever heard?


Did I miss something or do you have a bath with functioning taps your guests could have used rather than pay for another venue to take a shower?


When guests want a refund they are meant to have given hosts the opportunity to fix things by communicating on the app. This should apply to reviews as well.


Yes, the bathtub was fully functional!


Interesting Lynnie, this is not my experience of Ireland, maybe 20 years ago but certainly not for the last decade.


True, the American influence is coming in and it is improving things. Comment cards can be found.
I take back what I said, if they were OK to complain about the bed! :smirk:


I can’t help but shake my head in disbelief. The American influence is improving things??? :slight_smile:


Half of the country seems to have spent time there and they bring back any good ideas. (although the litigation lawyers are creeping in)


Too bad you’ve already given them their Communication score and maybe recommendation.

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