I Am Providing a Electric Car for My Guests

I just bought the cheapest electric car to provide my guests to use when they book at least three nights or more. I have always wanted to play with an electric car and I think it’s going to be a great amenity to add to my listing to attract more views. The car has 45 mile range on full charge which is enough to run around town and to reach free/paid charging points in town.

So how does that work regarding insurance?

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My guest will need to provide proof of insurance to drive any car in my state. I plan to call their insurer for proof too.

Why would you want any potential liability or complication? Theft, accident, damage, etc … It has nothing to do with your stay. Someone could possibly even claim negligence on your part for “not properly maintaining or charging the vehicle” that contributed to an issue.

If there is a commercial rental place in town, work out a deal with them. They get some free advertising with you - but the rental is a totally separate contract with the guest.

Perhaps such a company would consider door-to-door service and bring the electric car to your stay, etc.

So … it is kinda a good idea but IMO the wrong execution.

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I did have a Fiat 500 Sport available on Turo for the last two years and my guests were aware. I liked knowing that the car was covered under their insurance and etc. But I was not making a profit and traded the car for this electric one. This car is just a toy for me to play with and if a guest does use it, their insurance will be enough. The speed limit in this small town averages 30 MPH and the range and time they can drive is very limited.

I had my Toyota Tacoma 4WD with fiberglass shell on Turo for over a year. I rented it several times and twice to people who wanted to take it camping. But between having to clean it for rental, then clean it on return, and the nail that was picked up in one of the tires necessitating a replacement tire, and the stress of worrying that something bad could happen with that kind of rental I stopped listing it.

Offering a car with an airbnb rental seems like a huge headache and just as much potential to get you low ratings as to help. I’d also be curious to know what happens when you get a bad review because of an issue related to the car and Airbnb gets involved.

Jefferson is right that it’s a high risk, low reward proposition. That’s probably why Airbnb hasn’t tried to get into the car rental business.


I have two rechargeable electric bicycles I was considering as an add on “activity” they can be peddled or run on battery. Since we are near the city center do you think that’s a cool idea if I provide a solid combination bike lock?

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You never know until you try. I would have them sign a waiver stating they can not hold you responsible for any injury or damage the guests may incur.

It’s a cool idea but it’s an important issue so I suggest that you take personalised advice. You see, it depends where you are and what your local laws permit. For instance, once we wanted to have bikes and kayaks available for guests but our lawyer said we definitely shouldn’t.

The regulations are just too complicated regarding liability and maintenance.To be absolutely certain where you stand, it’s a good idea to check with your lawyer and your STR company first before shelling out your money.


I wouldn’t unless my insurance specifically covered it, and even then I might not. You may have seen a story from Austin TX where someone was killed using a rope swing that was tied in an old oak tree in the front yard. Aside from insurance and liability issues, one’s life would be terribly impacted if anything bad happened to a guest at their rental.

My rental does very well without any gimmicks. I’m in the accommodation business. I’m not giving tours or providing services that would be be provided by other companies. I might sign up with Lyft or Uber, for example, if I wanted to provide rides on a regular basis to my guests. I focus my efforts on getting bookings on my accomodations, not on a sideshow.


Yes, I agree. If my guests want to hire bikes, or cars, or kayaks or paddle boards then there are plenty of places for them to do so that are licensed and insured. In the case of the latter two, they can be delivered to the rental of guests require. Actually the others probably can too.

If guests want more adventurous activities they’re not going to come to stay with me anyway.

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One might applaud the OP for thinking outside the box (of frogs). However my only concern here is what will Kendrick think?




Before locks, you need to make sure you have insurance that covers guest use. You really don’t want to lose your house because of an uninsured accident. Your guests are not the only ones that might get injured.

So far the car has attracted 3 bookings for April and May.

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All other things being equal, I would choose your place over another because of the electric car. I think it would be fun.