I am hosting for a friend and she has sold the house!

Hey ya’ll

I am in a little bit of a pickle and hope you can help me before I call air bnb and explain the situation.

I have been hosting a property for a friend and she has gone and sold the house before the agreed date. She told me that the property was available until the end of June and her house sale has gone through sooner (25th June)
Luckily I only have to cancel two bookings but wondered if there is any way that I will be able to call for extenuating circumstances in the eyes of Air BnB? This issue obviously isn’t my fault and I will be getting a letter from the estate agent but will this effect my account?

Do any of you have any advise?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I believe so. I know people have had to call in when they get shut down by regulators and Air is very helpful.

Just try it and see. It should be okay.

In effect, although she’s a friend (not a very reliable one…), you are being closed down by your “Landlord”. I think that’s how I would explain the extenuating circumstances to Air.

Good luck!