I am going to propose to her

So here we have our Guests arriving this Saturday. It’s the third time that A and B are staying with us. The very first time B injured her knee very badly (totally ripped apart) while skiing on our nearby winter resort. She was in a major cast for over six month. We took care of their ‘baby’, a beautiful dog while they were dealing with this emergency. The next season they came back. She (B) didn’t ski but was here to support him (A). They are just a great young and successful couple.
(A) Just wrote to us saying that this weekend (while they are here with us) he (A) is going to propose to her (B). We think this is awesome. He asked for recommendations (Beaches, etc) where he can get on his knee …) and we are helping him in his secret endeavor as much as we can.
We are planning on having champagne on ice, a ‘Congratulations’ banner over the bed, red roses (at least a dozen) and rose pedals in the bed by the time they return from their celebration dinner. Of course a beautiful card from us as well.
Just wanted to share and we will share with you all, how it went and how many liters of tears the bride to be left behind once it all has happened.
So excited to be a host!!!


Umm…make sure he texts you first to be sure she said YES. Then you can run in the room and take the banner down if need be…lol.

I had one guest propose. His parents arrived early to drop off the brand new vehicle he had just purchased for her. then the guest and his fiance drove up with the new car sitting in the parking lot. Lucky girl!

Have fun with it.


Maybe be ready to take some pictures of them too?

I hope “we” means you and the one doing the proposing and not you and your partner. LOL.

(LOL!! …oh gosh, I’m weak!)