I am completely knackered. Gone. Wiped

After a series of bookings which ended up being cancelled, we’re now looking not bad for the rest of this month and August, and we have a check in tomorrow and another on Monday.

Other than the bedding (thank you OH) I’ve just cleaned both apartments, essentially using the Airbnb checklist, to see how much time is added.

Bottom line, if you normally clean to a high standard, very little extra time if you have a dishwasher in situ. Probably five minutes per apartments to give remote controls & high touch surfaces/items a wipe with disinfectant after they’ve been cleaned.

First factor in my knackered state is the fact that neither apartment has a dishwasher, we’re a two or three night destination and folks rarely eat in all the time, so no need. This meant me transporting the entire stock of crockery, cutlery etc up and down to our apartment to run through our dishwasher. Bloody heavy stuff crockery.

I’m so glad it was only 35C today!

Second factor is that this is the first proper (deep) clean since our last guests left in March. I am so out of practice and could not get into the old rhythm! Probably spent more time fannying around than actually working.

To think that last summer we easily turned both apartments round in a couple hours when we have double changeovers.

Next job is the patio, 65/70m2 and it is seriously grubby. Jet hose, hard bristled brush, soap and lots of elbow grease unfortunately.

I’m glad we have a buffer day between bookings just now, it’ll break me back in gently.

There’s a nice cool breeze out in the street so I think a cold Estrella or three is called for, under the olive trees in my little plaza :beer:



I had as many as 11 dogs here during the 4th of July holiday week and also felt out of shape. Now I’m considering if I want to return to 50 hour weeks as a government teacher (online only) should the job be offered to me. It’s been 5 years since I was in the classroom and I don’t think I’m in shape for that either.

The Airbnb opens next week. We shall see how it goes.


Good for you to have bookings and sorry that it’s in 35C heat. :frowning:

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I’m pretty exhausted, too, but I can’t complain. Guests coming all the time. I think folks want to go where it’s less populated. But I do the cleaning myself and it was killing me. I’ve always been extremely thorough, but even more so now.
It made me realize it’s time to go to a 2-night minimum. Just too much otherwise. Maybe I’ll change it when things slow down in the fall. All in all, good problems to have!


I agree with you @boylston1970. We raised our minimum to 3-nights last year and once we got into the new cleaning protocol, decided to raise it to 4-nights. We weren’t sure how that would go, but are finding out that most people are coming for 5 nights. For the longer stay, the extra time spent cleaning doesn’t seem so bad.