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I am a Scottsdale, AZ Superhost offering co host services


I currently have a 5.9 star rating and only got a 4 star on location (which baffled me). Anyway, I am available to CO host properties in the Scottsdale area. I am usually 95% booked.

I will handle:
Write Reviews
Make recommendations on how to stay consistently booked.

I charge a 20% co host fee + the cleaning fee.


Hi @Lorena

This forum isn’t really one for advertising your services.

However if a host comes here from your area looking for co-hosting services, it’s fine to mention this is a service you offer.


A 5.9 star rating! I’ve only got 4.8. How do I get more than 5?


5.9* rating??? How did you achieve that one?!


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