I am a host & want to help simplify hosting for others. Will you use THIS?

Hello my fellow hosts!

My name is Stephanie and I have been a host in San Francisco for many years. The viral thread from yesterday of people reporting whether they achieved Super Host titles was so encouraging and inspiring and it led me to talk my boyfriend - who is an awesome computer engineer - into helping me build a tool that can save us a lot of time and energy from hosting. Nothing similar exists yet.

You can use the tool yourself instead of paying other third parties to manage for you.

Now it wouldn’t be so magical that it can take care of key exchanges for you. But it will be able to do many nifty things :slight_smile:

For me to tell my boyfriend what to include in the tool, I need as much input as possible from YOU. Any host, whether you are in the US or Japan, can answer this survey and will be the first to use the tool, for free.

Many love.



Answers submitted. I am psyched. Thanks!


Awww thanks so much. I want to be helpful :slight_smile:

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Considering the direction you seem to be taking I believe you might be interested with what I am doing at https://smartbnb.io/messaging :wink: :wave:

NOOOOO it looks so complicated and convoluted :frowning: But good luck! And thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for a very quick feedback @sfhost @hosttool :wink:


Thanks Steph! I am looking forward to seeing this coming to fruition. The questions you have us answered are all very poignant. Make us proud (to be part of it)!

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Survey is broken. Can’t select other. And there is still no hint as to what your tool might do.

Thanks let’s me investigate. We aim to have the tool built in the next couple of weeks :slight_smile:

to do what?

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Oh great. Another tool.