Hypoallergenic apartment

Hi everybody.

We have an apartment we rent out to tourists.
And since we started with this, we have been trying to avoid typical allergenic products, keep the apartment dust free, perfume- and fragrancefree soap and detergents and so on.
Is this something you also do have in mind?

well that depends what country you are as to what products you can source!

A friend of mine has a scent-free home and her guests seem to love it.

We’ve had only one guest out of 12 that requested we wash towels and bedding without soap, twice, with super hot water. We haven’t noticed a ton of requests for that in particular. We use All Free or similar soaps for everything just in case…

Did you already considered to use a steam cleaner & steam mops?

I have a steam mop but the pads have to be so super clean if not the smell is bad. I use natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda but still need to use Lysol in the shower pan.