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Hurricanes and guests


Right on, Ken. No more than during our experience with Hurricane Irma last year did I realize that The Weather Channel cares about nothing but their own bank account. Meantime, they’re ruining travel economies one storm at a time. “Life threatening storm surge”, “potential for mass destruction,” “setting up for a catastrophe”…If they cared at all, they would provide follow-up to all the hyperbole by letting viewers know which areas were most affected and that outside of those areas, the best way to help is to keep travel plans in place.



how’s your home? Is the beach house still standing? Can you get to it? I saw I-40 is flooded.


They opened the island back up to residents yesterday and one of our neighbors checked on it for us. We have a lot of trees down in the backyard, but no damage to the house. With all the roads flooded getting to the area, we are going to wait a couple more days before we try to go. Maybe Thursday or Friday. We lost another booking for this weekend, and it looks like it will be a while before tourists will be allowed back if they could even get there.


Glad things turned out relatively well.

I just saw a pic of a home in New Bern (coastal NC) where the sand dune was now filling the pool. The only indication there was a pool was the top arch of the pool handrail peeping above the sand.


Yeah, they got it bad North of us. The eye passed right over our place. Locals were posting video and one even ran out on the beach filming during the eye. There was some damage around us, but nothing like they saw in New Bern and that surrounding area. I still have not been able to make it that way due to work & kids school, but still plan to Thursday or Friday. We had some neighbors do a closer look and walk through it today and we have downed trees leaning on the house, but no windows broken or real damage.
This afternoon they started allowing non-residents and tourists back as so much of the local economy depends on it. Power is back on to most of the island. Curfew is still in effect though 8pm to 6am. It’s been a stressful week, but we are counting our blessings here.

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