Hurricane Relief Help

We are offering a Special Discount for Hurricane Relief residents. Our only criteria is that guest Must provide ID with address in evacuated county.

Hi Christian

This a is a forum for hosts and not Airbnb.

I believe you can go onto the Airbnb website and register your availability to host those affected by the hurricanes.

However this is about offering free accommodation to those in need rather than offering a discount (sure it’s not the case but if you do that it sounds more like profiteering).

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Helsinki. Is right. If you are offering assistance, I think it has to be the FREE kind. :slight_smile:

Helsi… Not Helsinki, autocorrect!

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Hmmmm… are the hotels offering free rooms? I think a 50% off room would be a help

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FEMA is paying for the rooms. I hate to say it but this does seem like an opportunistic whim on your part. Sorry if that was not your intention.

Air is getting hosts to offer free places. FEMA is paying for rooms. Fifty percent off doesn’t seem like a real good deal to me if I’m now homeless from a natural disaster.

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I quite like Helsinki might change my user name :slight_smile:


But why would you want to profit from those who have lost everything?


Probably best to leave it to those people wishing to do it for free.


My current guests checked out early. Our villa is in Florida and they got scared.