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Hundreds of partygoers take over a £2.5million Kensington flat

Ah, the Daily Mail, take it with a pinch of salt…a very large pinch.

Can’t believe anyone would be silly enough to rent that kind of “flat” out on Airbnb.

The Daily Mail is Britain’s equivalent of the National Enquirer, I think…

Story feels strange…something important is missing.

Well for one thing, don’t rent out your luxury property with valuables locked into a bedroom for people who stay for 1 night for the purpose of having a party.

I mean really.

Having said that I really hope Airbnb gets involved in this for recovering the damage. They give so much priority to the renter, letting any 1 time guest wreck your reputation with a written in stone bad review, they really should be held responsible and involved in a crack-down when there is clear abuse. It’s only normal.

“High on nitrous oxide”. A party of dentists then.

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Back in the day, we would build a bonfire in the bush with a 24 of beer and some guitars.


Ahh, firepit and music still sounds like a great party to me.


We used to have full moon parties on the beach in Perth.

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