Humming bird vs. colibri

Hello, we are thinking about the name of our new studio. It is small, cozy, with many colors. So we think about the name of exotic little bird, which should be identical in different languages, as humming bird. And here is the question.

Humming bird is translated in many languages as “colibri”. In English we have found “colibri” also, but it seems that humming bird is more usual.

Do you think “colibri” is OK for English native/no native speakers?

We will highly appreciate every opinion. Thanks.

To be honest, Colibri makes me immediately think of cigarette lighters, which gives it rather negative associations for me …

I think Hummingbird (it’s usually written as one word) is more generic than Colibri, which seems to be a particular type of hummingbird - although it’s also the usual Spanish word for the species.


I agree with @Malagachica – Colibri, to Americans anyway, is a cigarette lighter

Just the one word – Hummingbird – needs something more. Hummingbird Haven perhaps, or Hummingbird House.

Outside you’ll want at least two well stocked hummingbird feeders. Then all kinds of hummingbird decorations inside – placques, pictures, paper napkins, photos, books, throws, pillowcases, etc There are a ton of hummingbird decorative elements available on the internet.

Make the whole place themed with hummingbirds, as we do at our Poolside Cabana with the Florida Keys and sealife:

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Are there actual hummingbirds in the area so you could do as KenH suggests (having hummingbird feaders to attract them) or are you just looking for a theme to name your place based on the bright colors and small space? I would be disappointed if there wern’t any real hummingbirds.

As to the original question - I am an American who has lived on both coasts and have never heard them refered to as Colbri and wouldn’t know what you were referencing.

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I’ve never heard Colibri, either as a bird or a lighter. Hummingbird is more recognizable to me.

If you go with Colibri, perhaps you could bring a bird into the logo so the less ornithologically astute of us could use context clues? A restaurant in town was called Bistro FouFou (which is French for hummingbird). Sounded like something from the Minisitry of Silly Names to me, but the silhouette of a hummingbird brought it together.

Personally, I’d go light on the theme room, unless you’re going for kitsch.

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Sounds like a bacterial strain to me! :nauseated_face:


My first thought on this was that a guest thought you had Colibri (some crazy scary looking bug/bird?) And you were trying to convince ABB that it was a Hummingbird and not to refund the guest. I guess I have been reading this forum too much … But, yeah, I’d stick with Hummingbird. Those Colibri are vicious, so I hear …


I’d never before heard of “colibri,” so I looked it up. Yup. A hummingbird.

But also this: "It is also recognized as a messenger between the living and the dead.”

Not, perhaps, a great name for a studio. Or maybe. I guess it depends on the studio.


@Allison_H - too perfect! Love MP!

To me too and I’m English. I think that simply the fact that a few people here have mentioned it, means that if it was me, I’d avoid the smoking connotation.

This is probably a bit boring, but do remember when you’re branding your rental to take into account what words mean in other languages. I think we all know the old story of the Chevy Nova not selling in Mexico because of the name. (I’ve no idea if it’s true or an urban legend, but the point is the same). There was also that French lemonade called Pshitt. There are probably whole websites devoted to the issue. :slight_smile:

This is even more boring but did you know that the most common phobias are fear of various animals? Fear of birds is 16th on the list of the most common phobias. So naming the place after a bird, could put people off. Sorry, I’m full of useless trivia tonight!


Where are you located? Our place is in St Lucia, which has a French and English history, and several places are called “Colibri” (or “Coulibri”). Guests don’t have trouble with “Colibri”, but I’m pretty sure they don’t know it means “Hummingbird”, either.

Thanks for spending time to answer to our question. Your feedback is really useful. It seems our idea is not that as good as we had thought.

Successful airbnb hosting depends on a lot of things, but the name is one of the first the guests see. That is why your help is so important.

Very nice place. Our first apparment is called ZEBRA and you can see how we decorate it:
We find the symbol of zebra inspiring. So, the idea about colibbri- unfortunately not as good:)

Special thanks for your comment! I am completely agree, it’s an important point.

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