How'se This for Laugh?

Air BNB’s message of the day;-

“35% of guests in your area are booking trips of 1 night or less” etc etc etc.

I’d no idea they were moving into encouraging Knocking Shops; perhaps it’s just S-E England.

I’m waiting to be able to list an hourly rate…


I was just recently looking at a new hotel at JFK airport in New York that offers half day rates.

It’s just a matter of time until Airbnb gives us that option. And while you’re joking, there are hosts, including me, who might be willing. I’d certainly be willing to reduce my price for someone who wanted to stay a shorter time. The problem isn’t less than a night the problem is Airbnb not being willing or able to help us enforce it.


Last night I had a message encouraging Longer Term Discounts to increase booking in May. We only have 1 night left in May.

Also they, very helpfully, said the discounts could range from 1% to 99%!


Where are these messages? I never see them anymore. Have I just completely become blind to them or am I not looking in the right place?

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Alongside the calendar.


Are knocking shops like no tell motels?


I don’t either.

Yep :wink:

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The regulations in my area do not allow less than a day’s booking.


They land both in my gmail inbox, and Airbnb in box. Daily.

I love the 1-99%. Cracking!

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We actually had a booking the day after Thanksgiving that falls into his category.
They stayed a total of 8 hours and not overnight. Maybe they had a late night flight to catch?? Hmmmm…

Oh, I turned those notifications off.

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