How's that for motivation?

After a couple of poor reviews, my ratings plummeted but are slowly coming back up. "On average, hosts near you receive 5* ratings X of the time."
Well when my overall was 75%, X was 76%.
When it got up to 76%, X went up to 77%
Now I’m 78% and it’s 80%.
Are air bnb just making numbers up so it’s its impossible to catch?
It’s good motivation to see your star rating improve but when you get like 5-10 x 5* reviews in a row and it stays the same then you really can’t be bothered.


The chances of you catching their X figure:


I’d be curious to see the scenario when someone gets 99% and Airbnb says ‘On average hosts near you receive 5* ratings 101% of the time’ !
Don’t rule it out!


Thanks for posting -i also am digging myself out of the bad review hole (can’t wait until November, when my 2 star review ages out of the 365 day average) and it’s so discouraging. I really wish 4s weren’t “bad”.


I know how you feel. I’m trying to come to terms with it now, and some of the things folk have said in this forum have helped.