Howdy Folks! Review my pad?

Hey all,

I’m new to the sharing economy although I’ve explored it in the past. I spend most of time at my gf’s pad so I figure renting mine out would at least help pay for it since I’m hardly there. I like working out, drinking, making money, going to the pool, learning, traveling, making money, and drinking.

Most of my competition consists of older apartments, places with a bed/couch/chair, or homes, around the $80-100 range then nothing in between until the $150+ range so I decided to price mine at 127. If you look at my prices, I targeted them with a psychological advertising angle. I figured that having a building with 2 pools, 24/7 gym, and 5 courtyards and walking distance to bars and restaurants would command a premium; 10 minutes from everywhere in town (Rice U, Galleria, Downtown, Museum District). Think about it, you could walk back home drunk…I do it all the time, it’s only a couple of blocks. Save Uber costs as well. You can drive down the street and it’ll take you to Galleria, drive the other way and you’re in Downtown/Uni of Houston. The furniture is mostly high end, with some Ikea sprinkled in.

ABB suggested pricing it at $67 bucks, even if I booked it out 30 days, it would barely brake even. Is it priced well, too low, too high? More pics? I’ll let guest use my kitchen but not my pantry. At the moment I can’t add much to the forum since I’m new but I hope to learn from you all and drop any info that I know.

Thanks y’all!

Your place is very nice but you need to take some new pics to show it off better. Good pics with good lighting are crucial.

Well the interior looks nice enough. Not great, but nice enough. Better lighting on the photos may help. Some of the exterior shots of painted up buildings make the area seem more of a bario than an upscale neighborhood.

Some of your wording “bothers” me; but then I’m an old curmudgeon, so take what follows for what it’s worth… “Pad” as a place name went out of style before I was a teenager back in the early 60s. Unless that term has come back again. And I’m not sure a “New York Style Pad” is much of a selling point for a rental in Texas.

We get that you’re all about making money and drinking, but what are you doing as a host to make your potential guests feel "warm and fuzzy?


I wouldn’t use the words drunk and drinking in your listing… unless you want to attract that kind of crowd.


It’s not a “pad” – it’s a room, so just say it. Extra for guests after “2” for a room with a queen sized bed? Are you LOOKING for trouble?


Oh boy, you need some better photos for sure. Your apartment looks a little ‘lifeless’…brighten it up. Why do you have a closet focused in your first photo? Is that a queen bed that sleeps two? It only has one pillow…no spread or coverlet? Where do the other two guests sleep? What’s the bathroom look like. How 'bout some room shots so there’s an idea about the space. Get a better photo of the pool. What does the gym look like? What do the five courtyards look like that you are touting?!

Get to work and focus on what travelers want to see that would draw them toward renting your space.


What they said. Plus, change the order of your photos so the first one isn’t of a work desk and Ikea-esque picture. The one of the pool at night would be better :slight_smile:

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Is it legal for you to sublet this apartment through airbnb? I wonder. Also this place needs to be cleaned up. I cant imagine who you would attract at that price point.


What everyone else said plus my 2cents.
You’re prices are way to high for what you’re offering. You need to be careful that you are really offering a quality, uncluttered, clean accommodation with nice fluffy towels, coffee, ideally some breakfast and a nice bathroom. It looks like you are trying to just go to work with your junk everywhere and hope someone offers to rent the place that day for a super high price & you’ll go stay at your girlfriends for the night. Which I suspect you are, as such I just wouldn’t book. You could make it really nice but it takes effort and compromise to your stuff everywhere & I would say $80 a night max including breakfast. I don’t know what you mean by ‘breaking even’ as you should be looking at anything the guests pay over your costs to host them (not your rent & bills you’re paying anyway!) as profit.
Key info is missing from your listing, like wifi, do I get my own fridge or space, linen, electric blanket, space to store large bags etc, where do the extra 2 ppl sleep etc

I looked at this listing and also at other listings in the area. Also, as a Houstonian, I know this area (my husband proposed to me in front of the Menil). There are a lot of 1930’s bungalows in various states of repair, mixed in with gentrification over the years. Some apartments are new and shiny and others are from the 1970’s and look very dated. It is a hip and popular area with lots of restaurants and bars, and it’s close to all the major work areas.

Good things about this listing: location is excellent, which is critical. Some people will be also attracted to the amenities.

Negatives: other posters have pointed out the decor, pictures and other improvements that could be made to the listing. I think the price is too high. Other modern-looking places in the vicinity are going for $80-100. Guests don’t always read listings (a common problem we all suffer with) and so the plusses of all the amenities your building offers may not even register. A lot of people browse and just look at the main picture and the price so you have to grab them at that level.

If you want to command a high price, you need to put in the time and effort, can’t just slap up a listing and expect top dollar.

Using the term “Netflix and Chill” isn’t going to attract the high-end guests you seek.

Filling out your profile and putting in a high quality profile picture would help.

Screenshots of local attractions doesn’t feel high-end to me either.

This will blow your mind: in New York, graffiti on the building RAISES the property values in some, “hip” neighborhoods.

Real Estate developers have taken to hiring graffiti artists to do their thing on new construction.


Lose the word “pad.” Please. Unless you want to decorate your place with lava lamps and beaded curtains.

It seems like a nice enough place, but the photos are not doing it justice. Can you get an Airbnb photographer to come in and take some? It’s free.

While you are waiting for that, take photos with better light and better framing of the shots.

Try to get rid of some the clutter, particularly in the kitchen.

You don’t have enough verifications. I wouldn’t book with a host who only had two. Put a little info about yourself.

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Do you rent or own?..


As has been pointed out, it’s probably not legal for you to sub-let your apartment. And as soon as someone in the complex complains you’ll be looking for a new place to live or moving in with your girlfriend. You don’t want 4 drunk partiers staying there without you to monitor them. The pictures are terrible and there is clutter on the counters. You aren’t going to be renting it out 30 days so forget making a “brake (sic) even” point. Maybe if you lower the price and get some good reviews you could raise the price.

I wouldn’t stay there because, like Ken, I’m old and don’t find the term “pad” to be appealing. It’s a term I associate with a place for junkies to crash. Although your profile picture isn’t very clear you don’t look like you are in your 60’s or 70s.


(Sometimes you do let 'er fly!) : )

Wow, @KKC. I can just see you telling it like it is to your students. :slight_smile:

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@SandyToes and @faheem I’m sure he can take it.

I’ve only been actively participating on this forum a few months but “Lil B’s” descriptions of his drinking and his “pad” are just about the most unappealing thing I’ve read on this forum.


move the clutter in the bedroom, get a box and store your bits away. Am coming from Europe, I would like to see more local pictures, show me the two pools.

Is the TV in the bedroom at a strange angle ? if you are in the bed, do you have to take turns to be the person in front ?

LOL Karma! You don’t mince words… All those years in a high school classroom! :smile:
I think we scared this one off. I don’t think he’ll be back.