How Would You Suggest This Draft of an Airbnb Cleaning Checklist Be Improved?

I’m attaching a draft of a cleaning checklist for your suggestions and for any help this might be for you.

The first half of the checklist is for our cleaner who does each turnover. The second half is for our gardener/cleaner/pool master for other cleaning/maintenance tasks on inside monthly, annual and other periodic basis.

After I receive any suggestions you have I’ll submit to to my Host (I am Co-Host) for her edits and approval. Then I’ll re-format it in a way that makes it easier (and shorter) for a cleaner to literally checkoff.

I’m sure that many will find it too wordy and long. Any suggestions to make it more succinct are welcome.

To view the checklist just use your camera to view the QR code and then click on it. Or type in the short URL.


I do the “five minute overview” first, and for us it’s more like 1 minute. We don’t check in cupboards or anything until we are working in that room. We go in, assess if the dishwasher is on, are there stains on furniture, broken things, anything that will cause the turnover to be interrupted.

It’s hard for us to know how thorough this is as we don’t have your property. but some things: do you vacuum under the beds? do you move furniture to vacuum? do you have window coverings that need cleaning regularly? Do you have a list of things that have to be done once a month or quarter?

Also I’m not sure it flows well, but I don’t know your property.

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Yes, though I didn’t write that out thinking that the cleaners need to know something.

I don’t say. But I know the cleaner doesn’t move the beds. That’s a lot of work and that is on one of the periodic checklists for our second cleaner.

Yes, and that’s on the checklist (I think the monthly one).

Yep. Monthly, Quarterly. Twice/Year. Once/Year.

I did review the flow with cleaner #2 and at least generally it’s in the ballpark.

I do think that once we’ve finalized this AND after we have lived with the checklist for a year that it’ll then be proven. It might not even take a year to notice if the flow is off so that it could be checked off in real time.

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The things we miss most often are cleaning exhaust vents in the bathroom and dusting the blades on ceiling fans. Every host probably has some things specific to their rentals to include. I like having notes for whoever is using the checklist.


Thank you. Got those covered.

This is really useful – am going to adapt it for my own apartment instead of the completely haphazard method of cleaning that I currently use!

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