How would I list this?

I’ve often thought that our two apartments, taken together, would be good for friends holidaying together but who want a bit of privacy, or a family with adult children, but I don’t know how it would be possible to list it.

The configuration is a bit unusual. We have a 3-storey (US: floor?) house built on a hillside. The main floor, at street level is our part of the house. Below us, at garden and pool level is the larger apartment (El Apartamento) which sleeps two, has a largeish lounge/kitchen and an unfenced patio which gives onto the garden and has seating for four. Above us is the Atico, which was a bedroom with en-suite but is now a studio with a kitchenette, living area and balcony. What connects all these levels is an internal spiral staircase leading from the Atico to the garden which bypasses our floor and which we can access by a door from our kitchen but which we mostly don’t use.

So a party of 4 (or possibly 5 since there’s a sofabed in the apartment) could have their early morning coffee and perhaps breakfast in their private rooms, join up for sunbathing round the pool, lunch, drinks and whatever. It would be like a large apartment … but separated by 27 steps.

And that’s the problem with listing … although the apartments are separately listed as “Entire spaces” I’m not sure how appropriate this would be for the two together. Separately, the Apartment gets about 25% more bookings than the Atico and I’d like to increase this.

So, if anyone has a similar situation or indeed any ideas, I’d welcome them!

Can you list it as a split apartment connected by a spiral staircase great for families traveling together?

Not quite the same thing, but several homes in our neighborhood have a cottage/
“maid’s quarters” in addition to the main house. They advertise as sleeping the total of the two combined, but disclose in the listing that two people have to sleep in another building.

So you can advertise it as an entire space, with one bedroom separated from the other by the spiral staircase.

Oh, and as long as they do not need to enter your space to get from one part to the other, you should be able to list on Vrbo/HomeAway, if you’re interested.

I listed something similar,”sleeps 10-Two spaces close”. It was a separate 3rd listing in addition to the existing two listings.

Then described 1 br1ba condo in building 205 for 4 people and 2br2ba for 6 people in building 200 with large kitchen/dining area close to pool.

Maintains the calendar was difficult however I didn’t link my calendars. (Lack of knowledge by me)

Problems occurred when the parents decided to let the older kids all bunk together in the 1 Br condo so I no longer rent the condos together.

Just a thought; how about creating a third listing for renting out the two together, thus leaving all options open.

I’m not sure however, that I could get my head around the calendar issues! Perhaps someone else can come up with how this could be done successfully.

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You are correct. All you need to do is link them as far as calendar goes.

Spot on Joan.

Create the third listing and link it to each of the individual ones.

So, someone books El Atico, El Completo becomes unavailable, same with when El Apartamento gets booked, El Completo becomes unavailable. Someone books Completo, both others become unavailable.

I’ve never had to do it, but someone I know did, and they’re pretty thick, so it can’t be too difficult.


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Yes, that’s what I thought of doing, Joan. I was sort of waiting to see if my chums here all shouted “No, not possible, bad idea” but with the ideas here I’m keen to try it.

I think if both places separately were 85-90% booked I wouldn’t bother since the more people holidaying together = the more possibilities for drunken pool parties, but it will be worth a try next year.

Thanks for your input, everyone.

Oh well, that’s just fine then, John, since as Mediamarkt says "Yo no soy tonta"1