How will blockchain technology impact Airbnb identity verification?

Earlier this year Airbnb hired a few people from a blockchain technology startup. Rumor is the new resources may be utilized in changing their reputation management and trust functionality. How and what do you think Airbnb may end up changing using blockchain technologies?

My knowledge of blockchain technology is limited; and, based on the lack of replies to this thread, I’m guessing others are not that familiar with it either. My understanding is that it’s related to tracking bitcoin usage, and I don’t see how that’s relevant. Feel free to provide more information so we can further the discussion.

I have read several press articles about blockchain (from what I understand it secures transactions between two parties and is infallible) but I must confess… I just don’t get how/why/what :blush:.

Am going to start gossiping again, but it has been a few months since Airbnb has started using a few fields in its API to say that something is going on in this direction.

Until the acquisition of that startup by Airbnb, there was only one field on a user profile related with identity verification, which was simple:

"identity_verified": true,

Shortly after this acquisition, some new fields have started to appear:

"identity_mt_verified": false,
"identity_v2_verified": false,

Something will happen (or not) in the field of identify verification on Airbnb, that may, or may not use blockchain.