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How to use the security deposit (as a host)


Today my guests left my apartment and I noticed that they have burnt the tableclothe. One can see little brown holes in it. They didn’t tell me about that before leaving. In my rules I told them not to smoke in the apartment.

Anyway, for the first time I want to use the security deposit. As this problem can not be repaired, I have to buy a new one if I want to offer good things to my guests. How to use the deposit? And I think there is a deadline to use it. On this forum I saw 48 hours. Is it still acurate?

Do we have to start this process before or after leaving a review?


This is what I would do.
Write to the guests in the ABB messaging system telling them you noticed the tablecloth has burns in it despite the rule of not smoking.
Take photos of the tablecloth.
Find a link online to the tablecloth you are going to buy to replace the burnt one.
Go to the resolution center https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/767/what-is-the-resolution-center
Start a claim, attaching the photos and the link to new tablecloth.
Don’t review until resolved.

You have to make a check in protocol by check in . You need to check everything with your guests and ask him to sign. It is very important to prove that before the check in there were no holes. I did that and get part of my money back. Of course i ask a craftman to send me the bill. A craftman can sugguest you what he can make for the floor. He will write down how the material costs, transport etw…

oh lord why did i respond?

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She’s baaaaacccckkk!

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what if I don’t find mine on the Internet? I have looked for it for around one hour and didn’t find my tablecloth. Even from an other maker I can’t find a similar product. I know physically the shop where I bougth it but on the Internet I can’t find it.

By the way, with Airbnb, what about the cost of my time looking for a replacement? Doest Airbnb take this into account?

You can go to the store, buy it, take photo of receipt. Don’t know if they will provide any funds for your time. If I were you though, I’d get started ASAP, even if for now, you only have photo of damaged tablecloth.

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That is very funny and wow, just wow.

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