How to Use Bedroom Number Filters on Search

I am getting this question from a lot of my guests

I have a couple of one bedroom apartments right in the city in Melbourne & Sydney

My guests are normally just single people , a few have mentioned that they always just want
to travel by themselves just want one bedroom

But when the search using the current AirBnB filter they click on 1 bedroom the filter is actually set for 1+ bedrooms
just makes it all a bit harder as the 2, 3 , 4 , 5 bedroom places are also listed

Am I (or they ) missing something here / ; is there any easy way to just search for 1 bedroom places and only see them
any way of searching for this instead of this 1+ stuff

Thanks in advance

Sorry @JonathanR

I don’t quite understand the issue?

If a guest looks for a 1 bedroom - they will see everything one bedroom plus.

If a guest wants 2 or 3 bedrooms or more and that’s what they search for, that’s what they will see.

@jonathanR is saying the guest doesn’t want to see 1 br+, they want to see ONLY 1br places.

Ok has anyone got this filter figured out

If you are traveling alone you just want one bedroom

So the filter that is 1 + , it just doesn’t help you in that you are wanting one bedroom but
you get all the places that are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc shown in your search

Ok first world problem I know , but it is irritating , I thought these Silicon valley guys are meant to be smart

This is simply not a feature that is available on the AirBNB platform. Nor can you sort by price, number of bathrooms, SuperHost status, etc.

You may think it is irritating, but obviously, the powers that be do not consider this type of functionality to be important.

My pet peeve? Can’t search for private bathrooms.