How to Unblock dates blocked by Airbnb?

I confused dates and wrongly thought I needed to cancel a reservation. Airbnb then booked the time to “discourage cancellations”. How can I get it unblocked on my calendar?

Hello @Maryrhoades

You can’t. If it is for the same guest, give Airbnb a call and explain and see if they will unblock the dates for you.

If it isn’t they won’t unblock them.

Do have a look at host cancellations in the Airbnb Help Centre and it will explain the process for you.

You’ll have to call in and see if the CS agent can unblock the dates. It might help if you’re new and haven’t had issues with cancellations previously. Cancellations are a HUGE problem for guests so Airbnb does everything they can to penalize you for breaking a reservation.

If they won’t unblock the dates as a courtesy you’d need to sell them through another platform (VRBO, Craigslist, etc.)

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