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How to target the kind of guest you want -- what I did

I just have a suggestion for hosts who are uncomfortable with the type of guests they are getting. We’ve only been doing this for six weeks but every guest we have had has been delightful. This is what I did: Before guests book on ABNB, they get a message from the host. Most people, I think, use it to encourage guests to book, but I use mine to discourage “incompatible” guests. Here is my message: “Before you book with me, ask yourself these questions: Will I be uncomfortable in a Christian home? Do I expect my hosts to entertain me? Will I be upset if my hosts have a party upstairs while I’m there?” These questions have narrowed the kind of guests booking with me to people who respect my faith, don’t infringe on my privacy and know that we like to have fun and won’t rain on their parade. It has worked so far! And we are in Colorado, US, where marijuana is legal. Lots of visitors are here to try it legally and, while we don’t prohibit it, heavy partying is not our cup of tea. Your thoughts?

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I can’t argue with a strategy that works. I’m a bit more subtle in trying to encourage certain types of clients. I chose “K9 Karma Casa” for my dog business and “Karma Casa” for my ABB to discourage the kinds of people who think yoga is a satanic ritual and “this is America, speak English!” I’ve decorated the guest room with some “ethnic” decor and small “prayer flags.” I also have prayer flags outside. I don’t know if that helps but I’ve had 100% acceptable guests and 95% fantastic guests. I’ve only had 3 or 4 that I’d rather not see again.


As Karma says, if your strategy is working then it’s working. But… I feel that you’re somewhat sending a mixed message if you’re trying to discourage bawdy revellers when you mention your own parties might be happening upstairs. Since you make a point of mentioning it, it makes it sounds as though yours is a real party palace. Also, I’m not clear whether you DO entertain your guests or not? “Do you expect you expect your hosts to entertain you? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Come on up, stick some Grateful Dead on the turntable and roll a fat one man!” :laughing:


Oops, sorry. The end of the message reads: “If not, then please BOOK!” Thanks for the feedback about us having a party. I will change it to read “a get-together” since we do sometimes have a group of friends over for BBQs, wine & cheese parties, etc.

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I’m very curious about the ‘Christian home’ part… does that come up during a guest’s visit in some way, or is it just a statement to describe the values/morals in your home?

I agree that when I read the part about you having parties upstairs, I pictured a wild frat party with lots of banging on the floor, lol

That’s the part that bothers me. I don’t think that this is a valid part of hosting, Sorry.

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I took it the same way as @Geddy3. Actually, IF you like to have get-togethers then sounds like a fun place. So far so good. The ‘Christian’ mention tends to throw a wet blanket on the potential joviality. Which is it? You want only Christians that like to have fun?

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Haha! I can see where you might get that idea. Actually, my pre-booking message said, “Will I be annoyed if my hosts have a dinner party upstairs,” since the dining room is just above the B&B area. We want to make sure that we don’t bother people who are there for peace and quiet. And we always quiet everything down by 10.

As far as the “Christian home,” it never comes up unless other believers book with us for that very reason. I think it is a very valid part of hosting since it is the essence of who we are as hosts. There are some things we won’t allow because of our faith – lewdness, drunkenness or bringing home people just to sleep with them. That’s our stance in our home. However, we don’t have religious symbols up or engage people in spiritual conversations unless they start them (several have!). I was just mentioning what we do – I wasn’t really inviting critique – just offering a tip from one host to any other host who might be interested in targeting a certain clientele.
I find it interesting how many people take objection to me mentioning my faith, the faith this country was founded on.Thanks for your question.

I like the concept @vhhorne, state what you want, I do myself with my listing. The wording to convey a precise message is the tricky part.

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Justa slight correction - the USA was not founded on any religion, there is no mention of any religion in the constitution, and the only mention of religion in the constitution is the first amendment that says in part “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”.


sorry, I didn’t mean that I thought it wasn’t okay at all if that’s how it sounded :grin:

I do think, though, and maybe it’s because I’m not Christian, that if I sent you a request or inquiry you might be trying to tell me that you wouldn’t want me as a guest because of that? Still valid of course, it’s working well for you and that’s what matters!

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No and yes! We are Christians who like to have fun but we are not targeting Christians, just people who have the same values as we do whichever faith --or not-- they do or don’t have. I want our guests to be comfortable here and if they think they can come to Colorado just to smoke legal weed and have orgies, perhaps another home would suit them better. They would be more comfortable and – more to the point – WE would be more comfortable. Which is why we are targeting. I appreciate the feedback about the mixed message. I used the term “dinner party” rather than “party” in my message. Does that sound less bawdy? Although, we CAN sometimes be found dancing on the furniture…haha.

It does, and love the idea of the dancing on the furniture! You sound like a fun bunch. :sunglasses:
I really, really like your objective, which I put under ‘freedom of association’, define who fits your place, not leaving it to total chance.

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I think this is brilliant - I would NOT book with you after getting this message but I am not the type guest you want - so it worked! I think this is a great way to use instant book - and get your message across if they did not carefully read your listing.


MsJ, we don’t ask people their religious preference when booking we just like to let them know who we are. We welcome everyone but our house rules discourage certain types of behavior (like I mentioned, drunkenness and illegal activity.) We even have an area to smoke MJ if that’s what you like. Not trying to judge; just trying to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time. And I really do appreciate the feedback. :heart_eyes:


Religion fascinates me, perhaps because I grew up without any…

This is random, ha… A couple of months ago I had a Muslim guest that had shown up after I was asleep so I didn’t plan on meeting him until the morning; I got up to make myself bacon and eggs for breakfast, and while I was in the kitchen I saw a couple of Facebook posts about how it was the first day of Ramadan… sooooo, no bacon PLUS fasting, I ate the bacon as fast as I could and opened all the windows to air out the kitchen teehee…

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I’d definitely rather be invited to a quiet dinner party with furniture dancing than smoke MJ… :grin:

How long is Ramadan? The ‘fasting’ part is what would get me very nervous.

Just putting this out there for perspective -

“Before you book with me, ask yourself these questions: Will I be uncomfortable in a Muslim home?”
“Before you book with me, ask yourself these questions: Will I be uncomfortable in a Jewish home?”

I guess my point is, if “traditional values” is what I mean, then I would write that instead of my religious affiliation. There are many types of Christians, Muslims, or other faiths, who may or may not smoke weed!


fasting is only from sunrise to sunset, though I suppose that’s different all around the world eh ~ here in Boston our days are very long in June!

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