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How to switch from hosting as a person to hosting as a company

Hi Airbnb family.
I’m having a hard time switching from normal host to company.
I have 5 airbnbs and I no longer want to appear as a person but as a management company because my team has now grown. I’ve tried too many things but none works.
I would appreciate it if somebody helps me here.

With thanks,

Ok, so create an LLC or other company (depends on your country), create an account for it and assign that as the co-host. Or something similar to that.

Also, if you’re in the US, after you create the LLC or other type of company, you need a federal employer number (called an EIN). That’s what you provide to Airbnb instead of a social security number. You’re also likely to need a state business license for the company (in order to get the EIN).

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