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How to stop "New Reservation Confirmed" Notifications

Okay, so I recently updated the app and for months I’m now receiving notifications saying “New reservation confirmed!” when it’s really just an annoying reminder that I have guests arriving in 8 days. Yes, I know they’re coming. I reach out to every single guest and check my calendar at a minimum every day. Because I do a good job.

And why does it say “new reservation confirmed!” when it really means there’s a guest arriving soon?!

Anyways, I can’t find where on the airbnb site to stop these annoying reminders. I am in my “Notifications - Account Settings” page, and the text messages are disabled. I would like to customize my notifications to receive review reminder emails, but not reminder emails that guests are coming.

Does anyone know how to stop these annoying text/email/app notifications? I appreciate and want to keep the other reminders, but not this one.

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I don’t think you can but if you find out how, I’m sure many will be interested.

I was just thinking of that today as I got my reminder to send check in information. I don’t mind since I’m getting that kind of absentmindedness that comes with age.

It seems excessive and I can only assume it’s because Airbnb has had millions of complaints from guests whose hosts didn’t do a good job.

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There is no way. The same as there is no way for me to not receive them at silly o’clock in the feckin morning. For a variety of reasons, I always have my phone and audible, and when Airbnb decide to tell me, information I already have, at 4:00am I get pretty pissed.

Thankfully, most of our guests are from BDC, and in the same time zone(ish), so these days it’s rare.


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I’m following this because the 8 day notices are ridiculous. The danger is that we a start to ignore them and miss the few that we would really like to see.

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I get a single “reservation confirmed” notice and two “Jane Doe is coming” reminders per booking. I wonder what’s up with yours?

Maybe they can be blocked

My text notifications of “your guest has sent you a message on the Airbnb text platform” & “ you have a new reservation request” display as from +1(475)882-6572

The reminders of “a guest will be checking in” & “you need to do a review” are from a different number.

Could you block the reminder number?

You might could do the same for the email notifications

guest arriving & do a review messages
Originate from

Newsletter notifications originate from

Guest communication notifications originate from

Set your phone so you don’t get any notifications say between 10 pm and 9 am except from key numbers which you identify.

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