How to Start your own Airbnb like Property Rental Business easily?

You can start your own Airbnb like Property Rental Business with RentalSlew easily!

RentalSlew is a complete rental solution business suite for any business owner who wishes to start their own “Rental Business”. Yup! That’s right, not just property rental but a customizable rental suite.

Here’s how we bring your business dreams a tad closer. We know running a business is scary and hard, that’s why to lift the burden of your shoulders. The complete RentalSlew Business Suite includes -

  1. A booking page that is both attractive and functional.
  2. A powerful Host dashboard where hosts can list their property or any commodity they wish to rent out.
  3. A Super Admin dashboard that gives you advanced controls over your business.
  4. An android application that allows users to toggle between “User” and “Host” profile Switch
  5. An IOS application that allows users to toggle between “User” and “Host” profiles

Who can benefit from RentalSlew?

To put it simply, RentalSlew is your shortcut to start any asset rental business!

RentalSlew is for any entrepreneur who wishes to start a Rental Business OR for any Airbnb Host, Homeaway Host etc to expand their existing rental business with ease. This powerful solution can help you hit the road running! RentalSlew is coded in way that it can be customized to any Rental business not only property rental. For example - Car rental, Bike rental, Boat rental.The script bridges the gap between your rental business dream and the ease of executing it !

How can a business owner like you earn with RentalSlew?

If a Business owner starts a property rental business like Airbnb with RentalSlew, the business owner earns a commission each time a property gets booked from their website or mobile application. What’s more? The business owner can set the commission percentage from their Super Admin dashboard.

How the Payment Split Works?

The payment split is made possible by using Stripe and Braintree - a division of Paypal. Once the user makes his/her thepayment, based on the commission percentage set in the Super Admin dashboard, the payment split takes place automatically between Host and Admin(your business account).

What are the payment modes present in the system?

  1. Instant Booking - Single payment
  2. Multiple Payment - 2 Payments
  3. Payment with security deposit (Advance amount)

Core Features

Included below are some of the sophisticated features that differentiates RentalsSlew from our competitors:

  1. Multiple Payments
  2. Advanced search & filters
  3. Advanced Booking
  4. 2 Way Instant chat
  5. Multiple payment gateways
  6. Brand new listing page
  7. Create Listing
  8. Manage reservation
  9. Refund to guest
  10. Cancellation policies
  11. Reviews & Ratings
  12. Currency Converter
  13. Security on Booking
  14. Social Share
  15. Instant Booking
  16. Gods Eye View
  17. Calendar view
  18. Ical sync
  19. Traveller and Host switch
  20. Host statistics
  21. Social Logins
  22. Coupons, Offers
  23. Push notifications
  24. Email & SMS gateway Integrated
  25. Multiple admin detailed reports

What to expect?

We are constantly hustling to make our product better with every passing day and your feedback/suggestions would help us with that. However, as of now, here’s a glimpse of what’s cooking:

  1. Blocking users from uploading inappropriate unwanted photos through artificial intelligence
  2. Similar booking suggestions through Artificial Intelligence
  3. Dynamic Pricing Based - Price Tips for Hosts based on Demand - Machine Learning
  4. Online Risk Mitigation - Anomaly Deduction and Product changes from external sources - Machine Learning
  5. Blockchain - crypto currency integration

We would love for you to try out our solution and tell us what you think.

Technology Specifications

Website and Admin Dashboard:

Frontend - HTML5, CSS3

Backend - PHP 7.2 with Laravel Framework version 5.6

Database - MySQL 5.6

Mobile Apps:

Android App - Native Android App

IOS App - Native IOS App - Swift

Server Requirements:

4GB Ram, 300GB SSD (Based on your business requirement), Ubuntu 16.04 OS

We recommend using AWS server for its speed and reliability. We are an approved AWS Partner.

Purchase Types:

We offer two types of purchases -

  1. For the Tech Savy - we give you the Web App, the Super Admin dashboard and Android App source code at just $250 We are a bunch of tech geeks ourselves and this is our little way of giving back to the community.

  2. Business Owners get the complete RentalSlew Business suite which includes Website, Super Admin Panel, Android App and an IOS App with Free Installation support. Yes, from server installation to getting your apps live in Play store and App Store It’s on us. Contact us for the pricing information.

What we offer for complete suite package:

  1. Free Installation Support
  2. Free Tech Support unto 6 months
  3. 100 % free source code
  4. Free Basic On-Page SEO
  5. Free Consulting service

How we work:

  1. Project NDA Signing between both parties
  2. 50% payment Upfront from client
  3. Skype group with the development team - Frequent updates on the progress and doubts get clarified easily.
  4. We take care from the development to deployment in your live server.
  5. Project Documentation and source code handing to client
  6. 50% remaining payment from client
  7. 6 months free support

We are a budding tech company hoping to cause a disruption, spread the world and show some love. Help us develop the platform by connecting us with Realtors and Airbnb Hosts for a discussion.

  1. What is the pricing for the business owners model?

  2. If I set up a site through yourselves - is it a one off cost and then I keep the site and the URL?

  3. What sort of marketing and advertising plans do you have in place to send targeted traffic to the websites of your customers?

Thank you.


Sorry, really very sorry, but “Super Admin dashboard” just made me laugh and I’m still lmao, its been a long day.

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Its a one time cost! We have a dedicated team for Digital Marketing. I can send you the proposal for it. For pricing can you reach out to us at contact@rentalslew dot com or skype - yokesh.sankar

That’s okay, happy for you to post here. I don’t need a proposal at this stage.