HOW TO: Specific Check OUT days for a listing?

Hello everyone -

I have a question about reservations and the proper way to specify check OUT days for our listing. I found out how to go through and edit the trip requirements for checking IN on a particular day, but wanted to see if anyone had suggestions.


We would like to specify that guest (for a particular part of the year) must check OUT on either Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. There is an event in our area that runs from Thursday - Sunday, January through March, and we want to make sure that we have as much availability. Typically people who will be traveling into town for the event will arrive Wed or Thursday.

So, since I don’t think that there’s a “setting” to make this happen - where would you write this in the description and how would you enforce this? I assume you would have to take off instant-book which I don’t want to do.


I get quite a few weekend stays year round. I raised the price on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for people staying less than 7 nights. Guests on the other nights get a bit of a discount and the weekenders pay the premium. Also, a slight discount for 7 nights or more. Something like this might work out for your needs as well.

thanks KICK - we’ve done the same but want to see if there’s a way to set it so that there are specific check in/check out days during the season.

Do you have any ideas as to where you would post this in the details of the listing?

Give us an idea of how you are thinking of wording it. There are some great editors around here.