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How to: Special offers


I know some will be annoyed by this simple question. But i can not find where to send a special offer to a guest. I looked it up on airbnb and read the directions and i went to my inbox and there is no special offer button, am i missing something? I need to send one to a guest that already booked so they will add a day to their stay. Can someone please help me. Thanks.


Go to the reservation and click “change or cancel reservation.” You should be able to change dates and price there.


They recently changed it so that it is harder to find for me.
Scroll way way way down on your reservation page (where you communicate with your guests) and look on the left side.
It is now a link, not a button.
Below private notes, below their email, above your cancellation policy


Well, if they are they are in the wrong place. Sometimes its the simple things that get you, and there’s no harm in asking other hosts for the answer.


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