How to set your listing up so guests need to provide a photo

There has been a lot of discussion on the forums regarding the recent change that Airbnb made so you can only see a guest photo once a guest books.

To summarise what I have found out to date.

  1. You can set up your listing so that only guests with photos can book (see link below)

  2. If you do this and use IB it would be no different than it was before, you will see the photo as soon as the booking is made.

  3. If you have your listing set so that guests need to make a request to book, you will only see the photo once they book (if you have ticked the box to say you require guests to provide a photo).

  4. Just as in the old system this doesn’t stop guests uploading cartoons, trees, pictures of their kids etc. As an extra protection I put in my house rules that guests need to upload a clear profile photo of themselves in order to book my place.

Hope this helps anyone who has been confused by Airbnb’s latest change to guest profiles.


Thanks Helsi. Very helpful piece of research.

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This can only be set up using the phone app not the website.

I set my up using the website @Lynick4442. I wonder if it depends what you are using?

I use a Mac. And Google chrome. It shouldn’t make any difference but…

I use a MAC too. I tried to do this last week. Maybe they fixed the bug so that it’s on the website now too.

I know this is an old subject, but I can not find “booking setting” anywhere on my listing to be able to require a photo. This article said to go to booking setting and so did Air help. I get so frustrated trying to find things.