How to send a potential guest a specific booking

I have one room that is normally snoozed. I do that because a number of my past guests will return and ask for dates xxx to yyy (for example), and I will happily ‘un snooze’ for a short period so they can book. I prefer that the listing be snoozed as default because I do not want bookings unless they are guests I have hosted before, and otherwise do not normally host that bedroom.

I wonder if this is the best way to do this? For example, I would love to have someone message me on the airbnb platform, and then I send a link or some kind of offer for that / those days to this guest. It is tedious to unsnooze, change pricing for that day (my reg price for that room is set at 3x normal rate, just in case in that short span of opening the listing up someone sees it and books it).

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I would think you could just send them the special offer at whatever price without having to change the prices of the days on the listing. I do think you will have to unsnooze it though.

For returning guests @Rolf , I just get them to book directly if my space is available and just block the dates in my calendar. Simple :slight_smile:


I am hoping for an answer like "just send them a special offer for days x to x’. But I am not sure that that is possible? Isn’t a special offer only done after a reservation request?

Like Helsi, if it’s a guest I’m comfortable enough to do something like this for, they can book directly. I have their cell number from the previous stay so can reply to them there. If I don’t have their cell number then I would jump through the hoops to book on Airbnb one more time and then make sure I gave them my info so they could book direct in the future.

I’d try sending a special offer.

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If you find the message thread from the previous booking and click on the “send special offer” it still works, but you would have to un-snooze and then re-snooze as you can only send a special offer from listed listings.
You could have all the rooms listed at $1,000, no one will book and the offer overrides the listed price.

Book them directly! Have a short contract they have to sign (basically your house rules), and they can pay you cash or use a product like Venmo to pay with a credit card. Raise your price by half of the AirBnB fee and you both win