How to select certain days in calendar for manual pricing

Is there an easier way to do selection in Calendar? For example, let say I want to select only Fridays and Saturdays for one month (to change their prices higher than the weekdays). The way for me to do it now is to select Friday and Saturday for each week, one at a time. How do I select only Fridays and Saturdays for the whole month at one time? I already know how to select the whole month or week by holding down the shift key. Thanks in advance.

Enable Professional Hosting Tools.

This will allow several features including “rules”. So, once you assign rules to dates, if you change the rule then every day it applies to will change afterward.

Rule sets are also available if a host doesn’t use professional tools. Since I only have one listing I don’t use pro tools because they are constantly reminding me to set elements of it that I’m not using.

I have pro tools active and have never received any messages like that, nor any prompting me to lower rates. The lower rate messages stopped after my first season and fortunately have never started.

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The more comprehensive rules options seem to be well hidden.
In our resort location weekends have greater demand in both high season and off-season so we change higher prices for Friday and Saturday. Both the daily rate and weekend rate are half the high season rate in off-season. Our minimum booking is 2 nights (longer on public holiday weekends). We offer increasingly higher discounts for 3 night mid-week, 4 night midweek, 5 night mid week and a small discount to add an extra night to a weekend, as well as a weekly discount. Bookings for a whole week are gradually reducing, 30 years ago we used to get a lot of 10 day and 2 week bookings, very rare now. has a very sophisticated pricing system to add all these length of stay incentives of 3, 4, 5 nights etc. support is very good, you just ring them up and tell them what incentive you want to do and they will walk you through it and even change settings back of house to make things work. Stayz also used to but mostly eliminated after takeover by HomeAway. My reading of the Airbnb rules is that if I set-up a rule for say 12% discount for 4 nights mid-week only check in on Sunday or Monday only checkout on Thursday or Friday, it will override my standard rule allowing 2 night bookings arriving any night at full rate. Is this correct? If I am misreading and it does not block the 2 night bookings, can I also set up another rule for 3 night mid-week discount and also a 5 night mid-week discount?

Why are you spending so much time on pricing? Just set a price and raise it when you have events that will create rooms shortages.