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How to See the Real Prices for Airbnb Listings


There’s a new app for Chrome and Firefox that lets you see the total price of renting a place on Airbnb. Granted it’s more for guests than hosts but we’re guests sometimes, too! Plus, you can look at other hosts (your competition) in your area and easily see what their really charging.


I don’t understand why you need an app, just put in the dates, destination and your booking requirements into Airbnb and you will see the total price for the accommodation you want to book.


It’s for convenience. When you are sorting through dozens of listings and the real price isn’t showing on the listing results every little bit helps. In the past I’ve seen a listing for $50, I click on it and it’s got a ridiculous $100 cleaning fee. It’s like the AirReview extension, you don’t need it to see the reviews the guest left but it’s handy.


That makes sense if you can compare the total price of a number of listings - that’s really useful.


This extension falls well short of the ideal which is to have the total price display on the search results. One apparently has to click to the listing to see this.

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