How to see past reservations/earnings for individual units as co-host?

I am a host with 5 listings of my own and a 6th listing that I am a co-host for. Do to the changes with co-hosting payout rules, the main host of the 6th listing gets the full payout and then I bill them for by fee (30% plus cleaning fees). The only way I seem to be able to see past reservations for each individual listing is to export a CSV of all 6 of my listings under “Reservations” and then import into google sheets, and manually go in and delete all the reservations for my 5 primary listings so I only see the total payouts for the co-host listing. There must be a better way! Is there somewhere on the platform where I can see earnings for each individual listing? Since I do not get a payout from airbnb for the co-host listing, it does not show up under transactions on my profile.