How to see communications that guest sees

Hi fellow hosts, I’ve been wondering this for a little while and decided to ask here rather than call AirBnB directly. I did a quick search and don’t believe this topic has come up before. Has anyone figured out a way to see exactly what messages your guests receive and when they receive them? Almost like seeding yourself on the guest communication list? I almost always write a customized message because my place is remote and so much can change between guests depending on weather, time of year, quirks of the cabin, etc. But I’ve also set up some standard messages like the check-in directions. I worry that guests might be getting redundant messages and I just want to do some communications housecleaning. I’d love a simple way to see the timeline of communications and messages both on AirBnB and VRBO. Thanks for any tips!

After the booking is confirmed, the only message I’m aware of airbnb sends without host prompting is the check-in instructions 48 hours before check in.

Last time I booked & stayed at an Airbnb, I didn’t receive any reminders or messages the host did not initiate except check in instructions. After the stay, I received review prompts.

What did change was the content of the reservation details on Airbnb, to include full address & internet access information BUT there were no messages, the information was there if I looked for it.

It’s been awhile since I booked. Someone else will have more recent information.

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The guest sees the same messages you see. The guest thread looks the same as the host thread. I can tell if a host uses automated messages because they are sent immediately and are generic and don’t answer my questions if I have one. I don’t use anything that feels like a generic as a host. I’m not a fan of automated messages but they don’t hurt anything.


I don’t use any standard generic scheduled messages, but I can see that they would be a time-saver for things like check-in instructions, etc.

I do have some saved messages about things like where to catch the bus from the airport, if a guest has told me that’s how they’ll be arriving, but I always preface that with a personal msg. letting guests know I’ll be sending that.

Sending out generic messages, without personally responding to a guest’s communication seems really lazy and tacky.
It’s kinda like getting a cut and paste return message from CS that just gives you a link to some Help article when you’ve asked a specific question or stated an issue you are having.

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guests get plenty of extra communication from airbnb. i can probably find and screenshot some samples from a trip earlier this year if you like.


I use automated messages all the time. Quick messages too

If a guest has a unique situation or question, I answer individually.

A quick message I use often is in response to a guest’s questions about fishing off the docks & fishing license.

Automated/scheduled messages that every guest gets

  1. Confirmation reservation is made & telling them I will be in touch a week before their stay.
  2. Check in instructions
  3. Welcome to condo, any questions? Please let me know if you need anything
    4 check out is tomorrow instructions.

Using automated messages is using a tool to make the easier. It’s invaluable to me to not have to keep track of when to send those usual communications.

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I just remembered a message I’m now getting that is new. Shortly after check in time Airbnb asks how check in went and encourages me to contact the host if everything isn’t in order. This isn’t in the message thread with the host but it can be found in the messages on Airbnb. Here’s what it looks like:


Interestingly I didn’t get this for one of my 4 recent stays and it’s the one Airbnb where I was having and issue and texted the host on his personal cell number.

This is an interesting question! I just spent some time on Airbnb trying to find previous notifications but I can’t find them anywhere. Here’s what I remember:

You would know what we get as hosts: messages the morning someone is checking in and another one on check out day asking us to review them, and then I get a notification when they’ve reviewed me.

I stayed at an Airbnb last month and I recall getting the same sort of thing: generic reminders about checking in and checking out, but it was clear they were generic messages and I only really remember (and have in my inbox) the back-and-forth messages from my host. The messages from Airbnb have disappeared on both sides of things – both as host and guest.

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“you host, jay, is a great person”… lol. I was like what??? how would they know? then i re-read it. :joy:

I don’t recall receiving that message on my last stay (about a month ago), did you actually go through the check in process on the app and then press “checked in”? I find only about 5% of my guests actually do that part.


I’m not sure ANY of our 60 or so guests have ever done that.

ha, yes, we’ve hosted over 250 stays now. I’d say only 10 people have ever done the “check in” process. I tell people TWICE to have the app installed on their phone, so they can access the check in instructions with photos, and i’m estimating about 70% just ignore this. I’ve got a saved message in Notes with the photos so when a guest texts me from our road claiming to be lost I can say “the instructions with photos are in the air bnb app on your phone, under “how to get inside”, here are the pics.” and i grit my teeth and put a smiley emoji, when really I’m more like: :triumph:

No I didn’t. This host and stay was the first time I got the message. I thought maybe it was due to being a home share host because I didn’t get it at the Airbnb I stayed at the next night. I got it again last month at the first Airbnb but not the second. Maybe it’s random.