How to screen people with no reviews? When to cancel on a guest because their responses are unusual?

I have an airbnb guy from Oklahoma with no reviews (my listing attracts people with no reviews for some reason) who says he’s coming from a corporate retailer with three stores and is visiting some co-workers in Seattle. I approved his stay since it’s only three nights. However, his responses to his check in and instructions to lock the door with keypad is making me suspicious. His response to the code instructions was “Thanks. I trust that everything will get worked out.” and that if he had his way to check in it would be from 11-1130 but my policy is at 3 so he will take the bus to my place and get something to eat before checking in. Upon further inspection of his profile, he has no bio, only 5 verifications and is a white male with the duckface, which I find quite immature for someone coming from corporate and a first timer to airbnb. Should I be alarmed? I won’t be here when he checks in because I will be at work until 5 and won’t be home until 6.

I’ve had lots of guests with no reviews and no bios. I’ve had guests with lots of reviews and long bios and they were not my favorites.

Well, if he’s an OU fan then he sucks. (Kidding, I’m a Texas Longhorn fan)

It sounds like he just isn’t quite used to the routine of Airbnb, the understanding that things are different than a hotel, etc. Most hotels wouldn’t let him check in at 11 either.

Overall I think there is little need to worry in advance. If he does turn out to be a problem we will be here with advice.


Hi @Yen1

My listing asks people to let me know plans for their stay and why they chose my place. Most don’t bother.

I always have a follow up message to request this information and if they haven’t completed a profile or have a silly photo I ask them to tell me a bit about themselves and have a clear photo.

Airbnb’s standard check in time is from 3 p.m. Most hosts have anything from that time. So a 3 p.m. check in time is reasonable - a morning check in is not.

Did you ask him any questions about himself/plans/why he chose your place on booking? If not you can always ask him now, particularly if it’s shared accommodation.

Personally I am always there to check my guests in as this makes me more comfortable - hence I have a check in time of from 6 p.m. as I too work.

Good luck


Thanks for the advice! My schedule is always changing since I’m on call, even though I too also like to be present when they check in. He mentioned he chose my place because of price, air conditioning and being in Seattle proper with an iron. He won’t be home when I arrive from work though.

You’re being too suspicious. Nothing in your post raised any red flags for me personally.
By all means take precautions, but it just sounds like he’s being brief and businesslike instead of the standard American (over)friendliness.


If they don’t mention anything about their stay I do ask, but that’s a great idea to put it in the listing - I may implement as well. I like your idea of asking him to send a picture of himself.

I also seem to get lots of newbies with very little information on their bio and next to no verification.
If I were having someone stay IN my home WITH ME and I were single gal (and especially beautiful like @Yen1) I would want to see a little more about the guest first - AT LEAST their picture. A duck face cartoon would make me a little more cautious, too.

I’ve read people on hear say to trust your gut instincts and I think that’s sound advice.

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Thank you. Just to add I ask them to upload a clear photo to their profile rather than send it to me and I only take guests with verified ID ie they need to have uploaded an identity card, passport or driving license.

I rent out a room in my home, so it’s really important to me that I have put all the checks and balances in place that I can.


I just got an inquiry to book my place for 20 days because the guy is seeing his lawyer regarding a case… what kind of questions would you ask this guy without scaring him off?

Do you need to ask anything more? Just check his reviews, if he has any. And even if he has none, he still sounds like a great guest.