How to review without the review being deleted

I’m hosting a guest right now who booked a few weeks ago. At that time I asked him if the check-in time of 3 PM and the check-out time of 11 AM will work for him. He said ok. I sent him check-in instructions a couple of days before check-in specifically saying early check-in will not be possible. He sends a message back that he would like to check-in early. I said not possible.

On the day of check-in, he messages every hour to check if it is ready and eventually shows up at noon.

I’m thinking of a review like this. I don’t want it to get deleted.

Cannot recommend D to another host. I found D to be demanding and difficult to please. D confirmed while booking that my check in time is acceptable to him. Despite notifying him in advance multiple times that early check-in will not be possible, he showed up at noon. Sent frequent messages on arrival day regarding early check-in although I informed him that the space will not be ready before the listed check-in time.

In general, what are the common ways in which reviews get removed in practice? I have read the review policy on the Airbnb website but I’m looking for some real-life feedback on what reviews get deleted and what reviews don’t.

PS: if a guest says they need early check-in after instant booking, I request them to cancel within 24 hours for a full refund. But since he did not ask for early check-in after booking, I didn’t give him the option to cancel.

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Don’t make reviews personal and don’t give opinions about guests like “difficult.” Just state the facts succinctly and without emotion and without repeating the same point again and again.

“Guest showed up three hours before check in time despite being told multiple times that early check in is not available at this property. I don’t recommend D to other hosts and wouldn’t host him again.”


Is this because it is not relevant for other hosts or because Airbnb would delete a review with such words?

You said you read the policy but I’m going to post this for any readers here who won’t/can’t/don’t.

I’m trying to help but I’ve never had a problem like this/


It’s not relevant, and it makes you appear petty. As Joe Friday used to say, “Just the facts, ma’am.” As succinctly as possible, and posted at the last possible minute so they can’t post a public reply.


Take for example a guest that I had recently. On arrival and during the house tour she never said a word or smiled. During her stay (three or four days I think) she never spoke to me, sent no messages and asked no questions and when I saw her in passing, she invariably had a baseball cap pulled down over her face.

She left the apartment in great shape. So to me, she was a perfect guest. She took up virtually none of my time, didn’t want to spend time in meaningless small talk and I hardly knew she was there.

I gave her a great review because she was an ideal guest to me but I can imagine that other hosts might not agree. They could have described her as sullen, unfriendly, shady etc.

So it’s unwise to mention your feelings about a guest in a review (such as ‘difficult’) because another host’s opinion about the guest’s character is open to interpretation.


Agreed… ideal kind of guest for me as well.

Makes sense.

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