How to review wine-puking guest

We had a guest last night who got hammered and vomited ALL over the toilet and 3 bathroom walls. It took an extra 1.5 hours to clean. After 703 stays, this is a first. Review advice? (Please and thanks).

Also, every review, to date, emphasizes her cleanliness.

“After 703 stays, this is a first. The guest was violently ill and left red wine emesis all over the bathroom for me to clean. I would not recommend this guest to any host.”
1 star for cleanliness, others as appropriate.


If I were you, I would send her a request for funds due to the extra cleaning. KKC’s review is spot on.


How do you know she got hammered?

“Guest left a mess on multiple surfaces that required extensive cleaning. We understand that guests can experience illness, but notice from the guest regarding the condition of the property prior to departure would have been appropriate.”


She told us that she had too much to drink the night before, but that she’d get through it…


Had that happen to me at my own home, when we rented it out. Two women, one got drunk sick, threw up on carpet, bedspread, sheets. She then put them in the washer but failed to shake off or wipe off the chunks. So then she put them and the chunks from the washer into the dryer. And smeared the carpet. I got her good tho…Got $300 from her. That was almost 10 years ago tho, when we could “keep” the security deposit.


Gross. In all my years of hosting I am SO GLAD that I’ve never had to face this problem. Please review honestly - there are some excellent ideas above.


It would depend if she informed you and said “I’m really sorry about the mess in the toilet let me know if it costs more to clean up and I will transfer the funds” or just left it there for you or your cleaner to discover including the smell which must have been awful.


1 star definitely. And just be honest. Best of luck!

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Well, this isn’t a wine puking question, thank goodness.
If you had a guest leave and left the AC running with windows open would you mention it in a review.

I didn’t go into the room for hours after they left, so really irritating.

When I send check in info I ask that they turn the AC off when they leave, but never thought of asking them not to run it with windows open. Couldn’t quite believe it.

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Leaving AC running with windows open earns that guest 3 stars at best. Totally not ok.
But we would not mind if a guest left AC running during stay or at check-out. Our space is well insulated and utilities are built into our pricing.

You answered the question yourself, really. At the moment, many hosts aren’t going into their rentals until several hours after the guest has left but in non-pandemic days, that’s not a good idea.

If a host goes in as soon as possible after the guests leave they can soak any marked linens (to avoid stains), wipe up any crumbs (to avoid bugs), flush the loo (to avoid tidemark stains), check that the guest hasn’t left anything (to avoid having to FedEx their laptop to them) and of course, to ensure that the AC is off.

So I wouldn’t mention it in the review.


When I was Mykonos a few years back even staying in a 5 star resort (those were they days) you could open the windows/doors or have the AC on but not both. It automatically cut off if you even cracked a window. I hate it when guests leave the terrace doors open with the AC on because they are going in an out. So I installed solar PV.

Had a guest this spring leave a fire burning in the fireplace. Yep, it was still smoldering the next day. She also left a big mess.

She explained to me that she had left her abusive husband and spent the time with her grown children. “Her head wasn’t in the right space.”

While I can sympathize, my house could have burned down.

I left an honest review.


I’m a little late here for the wine/chunk spewing question, but we had a (hard to believe) worse situation. A lady was staying with her elderly mother who had diarrhea ALL over the master bath. I was tempted to let it go just because I was in awe of how an 88-year-old could manage to leave poop on that corner where the wall meets the ceiling! Disgusting yes, but also, well… impressive.

Anyway, I told the guest about it and she apologized and said her mother must have done it just before they left and she did not realize it. She paid for all the extra cleaning costs.

One other thing about AC being left on. I just bought two SENSIBO SKY AC remote controls. Our problem was that the cleaners were leaving one or both of the ACs on. With this (1 minute to install), we can turn off the units from wherever we are. It only works on ACs with a remote control, but I hope that helps some of you.


This looks like a wonderful option for some folks. My airbnb unit has a window AC but I can turn it on and off from outside the room because it has it’s own circuit. So I just go turn it off at the box.

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The odor was intense and persistent. We BARELY got the air neutral for the next guest. She did not inform us :(. We charged her extra for our cleaning and she paid and apologized multiple times.


No advice. Just sympathy. :triumph:
Sounds like an outlier though hopefully!!! :hugs: