How to review a guest caught lying

Guest checked out and took the key to my apartment with him. I msg him where he put the key as I couldn’t find it in the mailbox where I asked him to put it back. He responds: it’s there. I screenshot the rules of my apt that says I charge $300 for lost key. He responds: I suggest you double check, IT’S THERE.
Two hours after cleaning. The key magically appears in the mailbox. Just received their review. How should I review him?

I suggest you let it go.

Perhaps he used the time to have a duplicate key cut, but he could have done that at any time during his stay.
If that’s something that concerns you, you could have the locks changed.
As there is no way you could prove he neglected to place the key in the mailbox when first he left, cost of lock replacement is unlikely to be recovered through the airbnb resolution process.

I really like the keyless entry lock I have and the facility with which I can change the codes for it between guests.

The brand I have is Schlage. The added expense of a keyless entry is worth the peace of mind.


It’s an electronic chipped key that can not be duplicated. I’m not charging him since the key is “back”. Just need to warn other hosts about this kind of guest and feel I’m still pissed to be diplomatic in the review ( I really dislike liars).

Interesting. Tread lightly unless yiu have proof. Is it possible he left it in the mailbox and someone came and took it and made a copy and put it back? Maybe the cleaning service used it to get in and took it? Or some other possible explanation? He sounded pretty emphatic about it being there. That’s why cameras are good. Also why electronic code locks are best for rentals. The thing with calling someone a liar is that you can’t take it back and you also may find yourself eating crow if there was another explanation. Not saying there WAS or that he wasn’t lying, but be careful. If it was me, and I got the key back and all was well, I am not sure I would bring up the issue via the review process. I know many here would not agree with me, but without actual video proof that he was lying and put it back, you just never know and then YOU become the (unintentional) liar.


The key is in a key box and needs a code only I and the guest know. That’s how I can tell he’s lying.

How would you have collected the $300?

Honestly and unemotionally. So cool off before you review. I wouldn’t call him a liar but as a host I do want to know if a guest behaves in this way. It’s one thing if they message and say “sorry, I didn’t realize I had taken it I’ll deliver it in the next two hours.” It’s another one if they imply you don’t know what you’re talking about when you know damn well it’s not there. And he may very well have reviewed you saying you “falsely” accused him of not leaving it. So you let it go but he dings you and you can’t go back and review him again.

“Guest didn’t leave the key as requested at check out but returned it later that day.”


This is a case of he said/she said. I would state in the review that there was some confusion as to where the guest left the key but that it appeared in the lock box later in the day. Other than this, was he a good guest? I try to factor in everything.

What about “I was unable to find the key in the lockbox after checkout but found it there several hours later after texting the guest”?

As a host, I would read into that description that the guest was not helpful and apologetic when you texted. If they had been, you would not have mentioned it in their review.

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