How to respond to this review?

This is our second bad review in about 4 years. They were annoying guests and had to be reminded three times about check out. Do I just leave it as I already have good ones since? He was a religious minister. This is a self contained flat which our animals don’t access. If the towels were so filthy wouldn’t they have asked for more? They actually left at 10:40. I have two days to reply to his review. Also he said he was allergic to dogs so why stay at a place that has dogs and why use towels covered in dog hair? Obviously the towels were not covered in hair.

Check-in was smooth. The place is generally clean. However, our towels were actually filthy. They had dog/cat/human hair on it. The little hand towel was actually brow. Washroom/toilet was reasonably clean. The hot water was pretty much gone by the time I showered (only two people staying). I thought the check-out time at 10 am is quite early, usually it is 11 am. We felt being rushed out with the message at 9 am and then showing up at 10:01 am and again at 10:15 am. We were out before 10:20 am. We really appreciated the milk tea and coffee. Bedding and pillows were clean.

Awe Shanghai,

This guy is a jerk. Here’s how I might respond.
Keep it neutral, third person.

I’m very perplexed by this guest’s statements because unfortunately, he’s being completely untruthful. I feel the need to correct the facts. The towels were not filthy or covered in pet hair. Our animals never enter the flat, which is self contained. These guests left at 40 minutes past check out, which stressed out our cleaning staff. Future guests will see we have four years of outstanding reviews for our hospitality, cleanliness and amenities (including plenty of hot water.) We welcome guests from all over the world and delight in sharing (name of place) with them.

End it on a positive and don’t get defensive. What jerks to leave a review like that. Dirty rotten liars. Ugh. I hope they never come to Hawaii.


Speaking of host responses, I came across this doozy yesterday. Takes the cake. Especially the last line.

The guests had stayed in a coffee shack in a rural area that’s right on a busy highway. Some of of his criticisms were probably valid but I would hav done it in private feedback. Here is how the host responded. Lawdy.

Response from Kelly:

It’s a shack Carter,

Im sorry that your expectations were not met. You did get the most from our sunshine as we have had none for the past two weeks. But I’m also sorry that you didn’t take the time to know us more. Your focus was on so much of what didn’t work. And you know what they say: “whatever you focus on, it expands…”

Our life work is trifold and hosting is one aspect. Our little houses and grounds are always in various aspects of renovation. It requires time. It requires money. If typical life were filled with both, it would be uncommon for us.

Your visit was during our phases of Spring. “Out with the old in with the new.” We are guilty of being lax on a few of your complaints early in the season. If i had used the excuse that we are “waiting for the wet weather to change,” (before making outdoor improvements), then I’d be true to myself. We have lots of great value to offer, but then, ‘It’s’ all in the focus.

Sadly, one aspect of hosting is getting a short term guest that doesn’t find ‘their’ silver linings while on our island. Better luck next time, Kelly and Kim
April 2018


I’m in stitches at this!


I think @konacoconutz reply is perfect.

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I would respond very briefly because when you respond the whole response is posted and remains there visible in it’s entirety forever. I just want people to scroll down to my good reviews. So I’d say something like
“I wish you would have mentioned your concerns during your visit. Our 255 5 star reviews for cleanliness should assure any future guests that they will never find “filthy” towels in our rental.”

Edit: I might not even reply to the minister directly. I might just speak to any prospective guest by saying
All guests should contact me with any concerns during their stay and I will resolve them. 255 5* reviews for cleanliness should assure any future guests…"


But this is like admitting they did have hairy towels and they were sorry and will fix it in case guests get hairy towels in the future.

I also think it’s worded a little too cryptically for non English speakers to understand.

I agree that the response gets expanded but sometimes you have to make sure the correction is clear.

I’m mainly saying I want my response to be short and to the point. Saying I’m perplexed (like non English speakers are going to know that word) or talking about my feelings (I feel the need, stressed out, delight in sharing) is unnecessary. I hate that she has to respond at all but I do think not responding seems like an admission of guilt.

If I got a review like this I’d just want to reply “You are so full of $h!t that I think it rubbed off on your towel.” God help the bad guest I get right before I decide to quit Airbnb. LOL. :sunglasses:


Agree totally.

Just don’t tell them that whatever you focus on expands. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:

That always happens in my experience too… :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(whew, is it getting hot in here?)

I’d let it stand as it is as it’s a self damning contradictory piece.

Everything ‘reasonably clean’ yet towels are somehow ‘filthy’

Plus a minute by minute account of check-out , wasn’t feeling rushed enough not to get out his stopwatch.

Hot water may have gone but he has a lot of hot air to compensate.


There is absolutely no way that I’d respond to that review. Or a similar one. If you have plenty of other excellent reviews, then potential guests will see the reviewer as being simply a nutjob. Don’t dignify his remarks with a comment. Don’t even spend another minute thinking about it. Just make sure that your service is great and that this review is soon buried in a long list of excellent ones.


I have decided not to reply because it would be hard to keep the sarcasm out. Also I’ve had3 brilliant reviews since and it does show him as a nut case.

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Dont you just want to bitch slap them up the side of the head and say show me the filthy towels and the brown hand towel you @#$%%%^^

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@Debthecat oh yes. He actually said he had photos of the ‘filthy’ towels but I didn’t ask to see. I know they were not filthy.