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How to respond publicly to feedback - AirBnB

Hi there, so I had a guest probably give me a low cleanliness score because they didn’t like how my backyard looked. Grrr. Of course the rest of my house - where they spent the majority, like 90% of their time - no complaints. I just really hate people and how they don’t give any thought to what impact this shit has on my business. And it’s not like the yard has all kinds of trash laying around or some crap like that. I’ve just focused my efforts more on the interior because there is so little use of the backyard by guests. But it could use a good sprucing up, that’s for sure.

Soooo I can’t find where one can respond publicly tocfeedback. Help?

These are also the same gas that overflowed the toilet in the guest bathroom and then cleaned that up with my linens and some paper towels and then dumped all of that in the tub when they knew exactly where the laundry room is at cetera. So I’m just really super annoyed because they’re there for the house. And as usual I checked the toilet every single day to make sure it was clean and these people left feces on the toilet seat and did not clean it up so basically it’s like they were really unclean I was not at all. And that’s really just venting I guess since it’s probably pretty par for the course I’m guessing.

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Respond to feedback or respond to a review? If it’s feedback you can’t respond publically.

I’m sorry you had such jerks as guests. I promise you they wouldn’t like any of the yards in California right now because the amount we may water is restricted.

The way to leave a public comment is go to your Stats page, click on “View All Reviews”. You will see the review under “Reviews About You”. On the bottom right of their review it will say “Leave Public Response” in red.

Don’t respond in general to a negative review unless it’s to clear up some factual inaccuracy.
We just had a long thread about this. You can peruse the pros and cons.

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