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How To Request Features? Tiered Cleaning Fees

Would anyone else find it useful to have the ability to tier cleaning fees based on the number of nights a guest stays?

We have had a few 1-2 nighter guests and the cleaning was a breeze following their visit. We did notice on our guests who stayed longer, 4 nights, that cleaning took twice as long.

I think it would be great if we could charge something like: $25 for up to 2 days and $50 after 4 nights. Etc.


I don’t charge a cleaning fee but I did actually think about an idea of a tiered fee. It doesn’t make much sense to just have the same fee for 1 day and 28 days.


Add 12.50/nt to your booking price and then it will work itself out.


I would do that, however, then those extra fees will be charged higher service fees to both the guest and the host. I don’t believe they take anything out of the cleaning fees but I could be wrong.

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Some of my messiest guests stayed the least amount of days. Some of my cleanest guests stayed the most!

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You pay service fees on cleaning fees anyway…


I’ve started offering to take out the trash after day two. It allows a glimpse into what sort of cleanup is going to be required, and the guests feel cared for.

If it looks like things are getting too messy, it allows for a friendly chat about expectations.



Airbnb charges their fee on the total amount the guest pays including the cleaning fee. If they didn’t charge their fee on the cleaning fee most hosts would charge a low nightly fee and a high cleaning fee, especially the hosts who only allow short stays.

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Good to know they still charge fees. I do still believe this feature would be very helpful!!

There are lots of customizations that would be quite nice to have. Whether the enforcement of simplicity is for the ease of guests or hosts, I’m not sure.

I can imagine a guest would be quite mystified by such a tiered fee.

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Considering the questions we get regularly about our standard cleaning fee, I can only imagine a tiered one :joy::joy::joy:

Haha… hmm. I guess that is something to consider. People do get confused over very basic things!

That would be fantastic implementation. We have just been discussing that on an Australian forum.

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