How to Rent apartment to Start Airbnb

Hi I don’t own a property but would like some advice on renting to use for Airbnb?

This topic has been discussed in depth here. Please do a search with some keywords like “subletting” and I think you’ll see lots of suggestions.

I have one comment, and that is you must make sure your landlord knows you will be subletting the property. Some say subletting is turning over occupancy to another person long or short term. Others like myself think it simply means you’re taking in guests to earn a profit.

In either case, before you enter a rental/lease agreement, you need to read the fine print.


This question crops up so often. And you’ll find that the majority of hosts here own their own properties. There are some who have rented apartments but host with their landlord’s permission - which is the important thing.

But when people ask this question, I always wonder if they realise just how much hard work is involved in being a successful Airbnb host. Some people seem to think (and I’m not saying that you do) that using Airbnb is a fun way to make more money. And Airbnb do tend to give that impression so it’s hardly surprising.

But take a few hours to read this forum thoroughly. It has real stories from real hosts and you might find that you’re surprised by the problems hosts face and the hard work they have to do. And often, many new hosts find that they are not actually making a real profit - not enough to balance out the work involved and (for many) the stress.

You know that old saying? ‘If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it’. And although it might seem as though the world and his wife are making money renting out rooms on Airbnb, that not the reality.



I’m glad you asked. I agree with the above posts which state you MUST get your landlord’s permission IN WRITING before attempting to do an Airbnb. The reason I say in writing is that that will protect you as well, because if you sign a standard lease agreement, it will include a clause that states no subletting. If you do it, say with the verbal Ok of your landlord, and you don’t have that clause in writing, they will have grounds to evict you later on if they change their mind and you won’t have a leg to stand on.

Now, assuming you have passed he hurdle of getting your landlord permission, you will want to get your own insurance policy that cover claims in this home that you don’t own, as his/her standard homeowners policy will not cover you. Or him. And this is a big bugaboo. His policy could get cancelled if it’s discovered that STR are taking place whether he allows it or not.

I once saw a gal advertising on Craigslist to landlords that she would do Air for them and make. Xx dollars for them per month. Assuming she was open about it and all parties agreed, it could be a win win.

Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to sneak. Airbnb is easy to spot and your neighbors are likely to tell you landlord and you will be out on your ear.

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