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How to remove MAKEUP stains


I just purchased a new bedding set for the beginning of the year the 2nd guests that used it stained it with black make up and I can’t get it off
Does anyone have any special home tips to help me out


That’s terrible, and I can’t help you with the current problem, but for what it’s worth, I purchase packets of make-up removing clothes and have them in the bedroom. And it’s written in my house rules and one the framed welcome letter that they should remove make-up. Haven’t had a problem since. I get the make-up removers from discount stores such as Ross, Marshalls, TJ Max.


I would try to dissolve the stain with something greasy (facial cleansing oil if you have some, or any oil). Let it set, then wash the oil off with soap.

Your sheets look pretty but the combination of white and pattern make them high maintenance for an Airbnb, as the coloured print makes bleaching impossible, but the smallest stain will show on the white parts. You may want to keep them for your personal use.

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