How to remove light smoker smell?

I don’t think guests smoked in the apt, just that the son was a heavy smoker. I have guests checking in tomo. I have windows open but it’s kind of humid today and it’s almost making it worse. What works for you?

The odor will linger because he’s touched things around the house. The tobacco odor is in the oils and moisture that exude from our skin, especially the hands and feet. I use a spray (1/2c vinegar, 1/2c alcohol, 2 drops of dish soap and the rest water) that I shoot (and wipe) on all the switch plates, door knobs, chair arms and anywhere else you’d imagine a human would touch. Keeping the windows open, if possible, will help too.


I place shallow bowls of vinegar, works every time. Should work in 12 hours.

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Have just had the same issue. A heavy smoker in the room but didn’t actually smoke in the room.

I aired it out for a good 12 hours, wiped down all hard surfaces with a Spray N Wipe kind of cleaner that leaves a fresh smell - and for good measure put the cushions and bed comforter outside on the line in the sun.

The room smells fine today with next guest checking in any minute now.

Good luck

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Thanks for the help – I’m doing everything suggested! I realized that the comforter that I slip into the duvet cover also smells like smoke so I threw that into the washer.

We have air purifiers (they look like standing fans) that we use ourselves for allergies, but they claim to eliminate odors as well.