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How to raise the listing in the search?



I’ve heard that an increase in ad views increases its ranking in the search engine. Where can I order the viewing of ads by unique users?

There are already smart prices, instant.

Only the rules of the return Strict and Minimum 2 days stay.

Share your experience, who has achieved good results?

Thank you!



Airbnb Help Centre is a good source of help for questions around how Airbnb works


Stop worrying about ranking and other junk. Be the best host you can be and stop worrying about status and money.

There was a recent message that Air sent about what items affect your standing in search results.


I’ve never checked my ‘ranking’ wouldn’t even know how, no idea how much other hosts around me are booked and just charge what I think I can and what I live with for my efforts. If it all folds tmr, so be it, but in the meantime my guests all seem super happy and I’m paying some bills. Definitely not applying a capitalist approach or marketing acumen, feels more like I have adopted a child :baby:


I don’t know how or why, but we pretty much stay at the top of our local search listings, at least in our price range. Here are the things I do:

  • We respond almost immediately to all inquiries and messages from guests (unless it’s in the middle of the night.) I have notifications set on my phone, and acknowledge the message even if it is to tell them I will have to check on something and get back to them.
  • We log in frequently. I make changes to our ad as needed, but not at any particular interval.
  • We do happen to be super hosts, but I often notice some listings with fewer reviews or new listings do tend to pop up above us.
  • We have good ratings, but due to one very bitter guest who did not read our ad or instructions, we have one scathing 1 star review that drags us down to 4.7 stars (compared to 4.9 on average in our area).
  • We stay booked around 70-80% of the time.
  • I have had to cancel a booking because the person was clearly going to break the rules. This did not seem to impact our position.
  • We position ourselves as a value property - We charge less than most of our competition with similar accommodations, and I change my price to reflect the market. We don’t have a set nightly price. Our prices do often tend to mimic the Airbnb suggest prices, although our pricing model is not based on the suggestions.

So I don’t know if any or all of those things play into our position in the search listings, but that’s what we do, and it seems to be working.


I’m glad you understood what was meant. I had to read down the responses before I got it!


I have a service that tells me my ranking via email each day.

This summer my room was unavailalbe on and off for about 6 weeks. I was out of town for two weeks and doing remodeling for another 4. I also had a repeat guest who stayed several times and paid me cash directly so I blocked those days. That’s the only thing I can think of that hurt my search ranking. I went from consistently being in the top 10 for bookings within the next couple of weeks so consistently being bottom of the first page or down on the 2nd or 3rd page. I think being near the top is especially crucial for me because I get a lot bookings for people who are on the road and booking just a day or two ahead of time. If they are on the road using their app as they drive they are going to book one of the first places that come up.

So I’ve been using all the tricks we’ve been told work and trying hard to move back up. Sure enough as my rank moves up, I get busier. It’s only anecdotal but it makes me hesitant to block off chunks in the future.


Hey! where can I get that service to know my ranking via email?

I would Greatly Appreciate it,



The one is use is @smartbnb.io. If you have any questions Pierre the founder is very helpful.

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