How to raise listing appeal for my new listing?

For description, AirBnB rates my listing appeal as moderately good, but not great. How can I make the description great? I worked pretty hard on it so I’m not clear what I’ve left out. They gave me a poor rating for price and a good rating for photos, but I’m not going to worry about lowering the price until I see how I do. So far I have a few bookings at the higher prices, so I think they’re just comparing me to smaller listings.
Here it is–

Your listing looks very nice. A little bland but that’s okay. Please do not lower your price as this can start a price war in your area and no-one wins. Trust your own judgement.

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Where does one see this “listing appeal” rating? Your place looks great, clean, modern, nothing off-putting, with the guitar and succulent boxes checked! Are they just averaging you down on price? I ignore Airbnb price tipes and look at my competition, home stays and the local hotels.

It’s on the main “listing dashboard” page. Yes, the more I read, the more convinced I am to ignore any advice they give me on pricing. But I do want the description to be as good as it can be, and they didn’t give me the best rating on that, either.

I don’t know your target market, so take with grain of salt, but a few things come to mind:

-neither living space looks very appealing to hang out in. The basement looks like a tiny couch, and the upstairs appears too showroom to me, not comfortable to lounge in. Looks very nice thought!

-one of the upstairs bedrooms with a single looks big enough for 2 singles or a queen.

-people may be put off by privacy of the downstairs bedroom. Maybe if you can add some privacy screens or something similar.

Nice. I counted 5 beds, not 8. In the UK a well stocked kitchen means full of food. A well equipped kitchen has lots of facilities.

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I agree with @Brandt it looks a bit show homey for me. Provide a bit of life and colour in your rooms - decorations, setting the table in the dining room, put a coffee maker/kitchen equipment out, paintings and photos. Screens are a good idea.

Have photos of attractions in your area too.

And I agree with @Jess1 use well-equipped rather than well stocked which in Europe would lead to expectations you are providing lots of food, oils, spices etc


I think it looks great but can’t commemt on price due to unfamiliarity with your area. I would remove ‘art filled’ from title though as IMHO it’s not. This gives the impression of a unique house filled with quirky or fine art, sculptures and paintings galore and your place simply isn’t that.

Is the only TV is someone’s bedroom? If yes fix this.

Take some nice pics with some wine and tapas on the table, kitchen bench, make it look a lot less like a display home and more like a welcoming home.

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