How to put in Weekend rules?

I give up… I’m trying to be sure people if they book a weekend the Friday has to be included. So if they book the Saturday they must book the Friday with it. I can put 2 days required on a Friday and 2 on a Saturday but people get around it by trying to book the Sat and Sunday (Which is 2 days)

Is there anyway to require a Friday/ Saturday booking on AirBnB or do I just need to raise my Sunday rates to a weekend rate and give up?

Does the new option to require a Friday checkin work for you? I find getting these types of fiddly hopes to be frustrating on the AirBNB platform.

And they aren’t trying to get around your two night minimum. They are just trying to book the nights that they want.

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If it is a huge problem you could not allow Saturday Checkin. However this may keep some longer-stay bookings that want to checkin Saturday.

I set a two day minimum for weekends. Would that help for you?
Not sure what Airbnb consider a a weekend.

Nope. 2 days can be Saturday and Sunday.

Hi We only airbnb weekends and guests must check in Fridays.
Go to manage listing
click Availability
scroll to Trip Length
click Additional requirements
click add another requirement
put in dates and must check in Friday
There is also an option to customise by day of the week.

Hope that helps

So you manually enter the dates for each weekend of the year?

Wow…I didn’t even know you could do that. Then again I have never cared which days guests check in, so long as they pay more for Friday and Saturday nights, since those are more in demand than other days of the week.

I’ve raised my Sunday rates, and Tuesday after long weekends. Some people have to work Saturdays. Others try to save money by skipping the Friday. There is no reason not to raise the Sunday rates, unless you are getting guests who start visit on Sundays.

I do it in blocks of weeks. The only time it changes is if there is a long weekend and that has to be done separately. Here in Aus most long weekends are at the beginning of the year so that is a bit more complicated but the rest of the year is easy. I have my calendar open for 6mths ahead.