How to pursue damage

I just went to get the laundry after guests checked out. They were there 3 nights. I noticed that one of the nightstands is coming apart and there was a book in the drawer that was wet. Sadly we don’t have a deposit, but how do I go about approaching them. It definitely wasn’t like that when they checked in, but there is a small possibility that the previous guests that checked out 3 days prior to these checking in spilled? I took photos and am ready to ask them but I have more guests checking in and do I need to notify Airbnb? I don’t know how long it would take for a spill to cause furniture to warp like that. How should I approach these guests?

It’s too late I’m afraid. You need to raise any issues with Airbnb (via the resolution centre) before the next set of guests check in.

The next guests haven’t checked in yet. These people left this morning. Next guests are due to arrive this afternoon. I did text him the photos as well as message him via Airbnb. Should I go straight to the resolution center??

Yep do it immediately . Could you explain though what your question was about prior guests because it seems to me you aren’t clear when the damage happened .

You are right I can’t be positive when it happened. These guests replied saying neither he or his gf had any open containers in the bedroom. Although I’ll never know for sure, I’m taking his word for it and chocking it up as a learning experience to check things more carefully when guests check out. The previous guests were two young girls that were out drinking every night. They were very nice and left us an amazing review, but more likely IMO to have spilled something. We only paid $60 for the nightstand, but it’s a vintage piece so hard to find. Looks bad too. I will just have to explain to the next guests that it just happened.

A spill, by itself, would not “destroy” even cheap veneer-over-chipboard furniture unless it sat in a pool of liquid for more thn a couple days.

I’ve had these surprises a few times (along with a few stolen items). It’s easy to overlook the small details. Generally you have 48 hours to file a claim. Even if you don’t report on time, Airbnb seems understanding about these issues and as long as you send them photos of the damage and isn’t too far above $300, they’ll usually resolve it. Stolen items are a whole nother story as you’ll need a police report.

No I think this is factually incorrect as you’re suggesting Airbnb are flexible about when you can report the damage. They are not.

And it’s 14 days or until your next guest checks in, whichever occurs soonest. @bacon

You’re correct, generally I believe they’re more rigid (for good reason) for most situations. What I meant to convey was that it’s circumstantial. I had one guest who was a bit troublesome (logged in the messages). I didn’t realize there was damage until after the next guest checked in and reported it. I sent the log with some photos and I was reimbursed. Point is, I would just call them, explain your situation, and see if they could help.

Who reimbursed you? The guest or airbnb coughed up the $$?

Airbnb. Granted it was damage to more than one item and it obviously wasn’t wear-n-tear. The guest was basically on drugs and tore a few things up (we took a few photos of items that supported this theory :wink: ). Airbnb was very responsive and was able to help me out. Luckily these are usually one-off cases as I’ve hosted over 200 guests with less than 1% of them being an issue.

Well, my cases are different. My hosting is in nyc.
Second case.
Couple came in for 5 days stay and very disturbing loud fight, sex and crying almost daily. When they lest room was very messy with bloods all over blanket and bed sheet. We send pictures of those to airing and tried to charge. Airing want the receipts of those purchases scan. We already throw away. Since we don’t provided the receipts, they declined the request.
I just got another issues with guest didn’t leave. Airbnb CS Saud they will call back to resolve it and never call back. What a worst service! I’m now cancellation my hosting from airbnb.

I think that this is the best plan for you. As you must have been on the premises when your guests were fighting, having loud sex etc., then you should have nipped this in the bud straight away. (Presumably you were because renting separate places as STRs in NYC is not legal).

Same thing with the guests who ‘wouldn’t leave’. That’s your job, not Airbnb’s.

I believe it is actually separate places in NYCity for more than 90 days per year are not legal.

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and it looks like I would be wrong! At least according to this article:

Interesting. The young Germans are currently renting a STR without host in NYCity. Not sure if they found it on AirBNB or not, of course.

EDITED to add: This article has more nuance. There are exceptions:

I’m not in NYC so have only the sketchiest notion of the legalities there but I had believed that for separate apartments STRs are not allowed because it reduces the availability of housing for ‘regular’ people who are looking for a place to rent long term.

But if a host is on the premises, and renting a room in their home, then STRs are okay. It’s all very hazy.

And according to NOLA, if it is a one or two family it is allowed as well. There is a bunch of nuance here. Thank goodness I am trying to host there!

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